Bus strategy

The QCS Statutory and Supplemental Consultation processes are now closed. Nexus has carefully considered and evaluated all consultation responses received from both Statutory and Non Statutory Consultees. To review the Bus Strategy Delivery Project Consultation Report, which summarises the issues raised in consultation feedback and Nexus' response to those issues, please click here.

This consultation process has informed certain of the revisions to the Quality Contract Scheme (QCS) and supporting documentation that Nexus delivered to the NECA  (the North East Combined Authority, who assumed the responsibilities of Tyne and Wear ITA in October 2014). To review these reports, including information and analysis of the QCS and Voluntary Partnership Agreement, please click here.

At its meeting on 21 October 2014, the NECA resolved to refer the proposed QCS for Tyne and Wear to the QCS Board for its consideration. The NECA has subsequently written to the QCS Board, requesting it to begin performance of its functions. To review this request and to find out where information is available for inspection, please click here.

To review the Tyne and Wear Bus Strategy, please click here.


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