Metro concessionary fare

    Valid on:
  • Ferry
  • Metro
  • Rail

Unlimited travel on Metro, the Shields Ferry and Northern Rail services between Newcastle and Sunderland from 9.30am Monday-Friday, all day at weekends and on public holidays with a Metro Gold Card.

What is a Metro Gold Card?

If you have a Concessionary Travel Pass (CT Pass), you can buy a Metro Gold Card which gives you a year’s travel on Metro, the Shields Ferry and on Northern Rail services between Newcastle and Sunderland. It’s just £12 a year if you live in Tyne and Wear and £25 if you don’t.

When and where can I use a Metro Gold Card?

If you’re a Tyne and Wear CT Pass holder and buy a Metro Gold Card, you can travel on Metro, the Shields Ferry and Northern Rail services between Newcastle and Sunderland at the same times as your CT Pass is valid. 

Off Peak CT Pass  - You can travel from 9.30am Monday to Friday and all day at weekends and on public holidays. You can also use your Gold Card all day between Christmas and New Year. These are the times that CT Pass holders from outside Tyne and Wear can travel using their Gold Card too.

All Day CT Pass - You can travel at any time if you have an All Day Tyne and Wear CT Pass. Gold Cards on All Day CT Passes issued by other local authorities are not valid all day on Metro.

How much is a Metro Gold Card?

The price of a Metro Gold Card depends on where you live. Tyne and Wear CT Pass holders can travel on Metro for a year for just £12. If you live outside Tyne and Wear it costs £25 a year.

Please note that your Metro Gold Card is non-refundable.

Where can I buy a Metro Gold Card?

Your Metro Gold Card will be loaded onto your CT Pass. This means that you can now buy one at any Metro station ticket machine. Here's how:

  1. Touch your CT Pass on the orange card reader.  Your ticket details will appear on the screen.
  2. To buy your new Gold Card, press the ‘Metro tickets’ button and you will see the option to buy a Gold Card at the bottom of the list of tickets displayed. Simply choose the ‘Gold Card’ button. If the Gold Card option is not displayed please go to a Nexus TravelShop.
  3. Press ‘Buy’.  You will then need to pay for your ticket using either cash, card or contactless payment.
  4. Update your CT Pass. Just touch your pass on the orange card reader again and a message will appear to say it’s been updated.  Please note, if you do not put your pass back on the orange card reader, your new Gold Card will not be loaded.

You can also buy or renew your Metro Gold Card at any Nexus TravelShop or at a Payzone store. Click here to find out more about renewing at a Payzone store.

When can I renew my Metro Gold Card?

You can renew your Gold Card up to 7 days before your current pass expires.

What happens if my CT Pass expires in less than a year?

If your CT Pass has less than one year’s validity remaining before it expires, or you have a Tyne and Wear Disabled Temporary CT Pass, your Gold Card will be loaded onto your CT Pass, and the months you’re owed when you card expires will be added to your next CT Pass.

How do I use a Metro Gold Card?

On Metro  – You need to touch in and out using the Metro station gates or validators to ensure your ticket is valid for travel. Watch our how to guide to using the gates and validators with a smartcard here.

On the Shields Ferry - Show the ferry operator your CT Pass when you board.

On Northern Rail services between Newcastle and Sunderland – To use Northern Rail trains you will need a special ticket which can be obtained on request from any Nexus TravelShop. This will tell the conductor the expiry date of the smart ticket on your CT Pass.

Can I use my Gold Card to travel to early hospital appointments?

Yes, if you have an Off Peak CT Pass with a Gold Card on it and need to travel before 9.30am in order to get to or from a hospital appointment, just show your hospital appointment card or letter with your CT Pass when requested.  

What happens if I lose my CT Pass with my Gold Card on it?

If you have lost your CT pass you should report this to Nexus immediately. You will be issued with a new CT Pass (charge of £5), but you will need to buy a new Gold Card. Your new Gold Card will be valid for 365 days from the day of purchase and will not expire on the date of the original Gold Card which you have lost.

How can I check when my Gold Card expires?

You can check the expiry date at Metro station ticket machines by touching your CT Pass on the orange reader. Or, if you have an NFC enabled smartphone, install our Pop card checker app and check your expiry date using your phone. Simply visit Google Play and search for 'Pop card checker', or click here for more information.

Who can use my Gold Card?

Only you are allowed to use your Gold Card. It is not transferable. If you have a Companion CT Pass you may travel accompanied by one person however the ticket is for yourself and your companion only.