Being an apprentice with us

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Investing in apprenticeships is important to us as it ensures we have people with the right skills within the business, building their careers and securing the future of our workforce.

Over 90% of Nexus apprentices move into a higher apprenticeship or full employment on completion.

We look for a diverse mix of talented people who are interested in building a long-term career with us, as we invest half a billion pounds in new fleet, track and service improvements over the next five years. 
The apprenticeship programme is a formal training programme undertaken whilst employed by Nexus. You will follow either an Apprenticeship Standard or an Apprenticeship Framework where you will learn the set of skills, knowledge, aptitudes, and the qualifications you need to do a particular job.

Apprentices will: 

•    be employed by Nexus 
•    earn a wage not less than the minimum wage for an apprentice
•    follow a structured training programme
•    receive both on and off the job training
•    develop their skills to ensure they can do the job well

As an apprentice, you will undertake your programme during your normal work time. Nexus will release you to study as part of your paid time at work.  You will also be expected to continue your studies outside of work.

Although the programme can be demanding, it is also extremely rewarding and career progression for apprentices is excellent. 

Nexus will meet all of your Apprenticeship training costs.

And it's an exciting time to be joining Nexus - find out about some of our plans for Metro here.

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National Apprenticeship Week 2022 - meet our apprentices

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