Eldon Square bus station

Eldon Square bus station is located in the centre of Newcastle and adjoins 'Eldon Square' shopping centre.  It is owned by Newcastle City Council, but is managed by Nexus.  The station hosts retail outlets including John Lewis, a newsagent, Costa Coffee and a cash point.

The station has one entrance and one exit.  There is a wide pedestrian area for passengers and each stand has seating for approximately 10 people.  Each stand also has its own bus timetable information and electronic information boards are located above the stands.  There are also three main electronic boards at either end of the station.  At each stand the doors are electronic and allow access when a bus pulls onto the stand for passengers to embark/disembark.

The station area is covered by CCTV which is operated and controlled by Eldon Square Security and Newcastle City Council.  The office located within the station also has CCTV monitors in operation covering the stands and outer areas.

A map of Eldon Square bus station can be found below.


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