Haymarket bus station

Haymarket bus station which is owned by Newcastle City Council (NCC), is located at the heart of Newcastle city centre.  Nexus manages the station on behalf of NCC.

The station hosts a number of retail outlets including Marks and Spencer, Greggs Bakery and an Arriva travelshop.  Arriva also has a bus office and canteen situated in the bus station upstairs to their travelshop.

The two main bus operators who use the station are Go North East and Arriva North East.  The services on offer range from local routes and surrounding areas to the Northumberland coast line and Berwick upon Tweed.

The bus station has stands lettered from L to Y (13) and a 'drop off stand' at the top of the entrance.

Haymarket station has one entrance and one exit via the roadway for the services.  There is a wide pedestrian area for passengers and each stand has seating for approximately 10 people.  Within each stand you will find a timetable and an electronic information board above the stands.  There are also two main electronic boards at either end of the station entrances/exits.  At each stand the doors are all electronic and allow access when a bus pulls onto the stand for the passenger to embark/disembark.

The station area is covered by CCTV that is operated and controlled by Newcastle City Council and Parking Control.  The Arriva office also has CCTV of areas within the station, and also Marks and Spencer who has coverage of their doorways.

A map of Haymarket bus station can be found below.


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