In January 2008, Nexus, Gateshead Council and Go North East signed a ground-breaking agreement to work in close partnership with each other to deliver the best possible bus services for passengers in East Gateshead.  Each of the three partners has made a promise to give the best possible local network, information and journey by bus.

Together we pledge to give you local buses that are fast, frequent and reliable – wherever you’re travelling to.  If you already use the buses in East Gateshead we hope you are making the most of the improvements that have already been made.  If you are not using the bus, now’s the time to start. Convenient, simple to use routes and fares mean that you can relax on the daily commute and leisure journeys.  And using the bus means you can forget the hassle of finding a parking space or parking charges.

So far, the partnership has been a great success and has delivered these benefits to customers:

  • Over £3m spend on new vehicles and vehicle refurbishment
  • Improved punctuality and reliability of bus services
  • Family travel discount vouchers
  • Better public consultation on service changes
  • New shelters and improved bus stop information standards
  • Better customer information at bus interchanges, and direct to homes in the area
  • Major bus improvement schemes like Wardley Bus Gate

East Gateshead is the first area to benefit from a Quality Partnership, however we are monitoring progress carefully and the best ideas will be used to improve services in other parts of Gateshead and the wider area.