Sunderland school bus services

School bus services during Coronavirus

Here are school bus services for schools in Sunderland for the 2021/22 academic year.  Some schools have several school bus services - you can see them all listed below. 

To check whether you can travel to school on a normal bus service:

  • Try our LIve Travel Map  by clicking here - simply enter your school's name, your home postcode and journey time to find your bus and Metro options. You can download the bus timetable poster for the bus stop by your school, and get Real-Time information.
  • Or call Customer Relations on 0191 20 20 747 for all public transport advice and information

If you are considering buying a season ticket or pass for a particular bus company, please check that both the morning and afternoon journeys are provided by the same company. Alternatively, a School Pass is valid on all services.

Anyone using public transport should follow standard public health advice - wash hands thoroughly throughout the day; wear a face covering if aged over 11 and not exempt; and do not travel if you have symptoms of Covid-19.  Pupils using public transport should also have exact change to make their journey wherever possible.

For more information about travel for children aged 16 and under, click here.


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