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- Monday, 24 February 2020: Routes 6, 6A, 10, 10A, 10B, 45, 47, 97, 100, X30, X45, X46 & X47 – Redheugh Bridge

The Redheugh Bridge will be closed between 8pm Friday, 21 February to 6am Monday, 24 February.
Go North East bus services 6, 6A, 10, 10A, 10B, 45, 47, 97, X30, X45, X46, X47 towards Newcastle will not operate via Teams and will instead operate via Centrelink.  Passengers travelling from Teams to Newcastle should use service 53 from the opposite side of the road.
From Newcastle, buses will be unable to serve Central Station.  Passengers should use St Nicholas Street (High Level Bridge bus stops).
Details as follows:
Services 6/6A, 10/10A/10B, 45, 47, 97, X45, X46, X47 Towards Newcastle, these buses will divert from Team Street via Centrelink, Pipewellgate, Swing Bridge, Close, Forth Banks, Forth Street, Railway Street, Marlborough Crescent and Westmorland Road to normal route on Clayton Street West.
From Newcastle, buses will operate via Percy Street, Newgate Street, Bigg Market, St Nicholas Street (observing stops), High Level Bridge and Askew Road to resume normal route from the South end of the Redheugh Bridge.
Service X30 towards Newcastle will serve Pitz Soccer (Derwentwater Road) and then divert via Johnson Street, Yetholm Road and Centrelink etc (as above).
Service X30 from Newcastle will operate via the X31 route (serving stops on St Nicholas Street) until crossing the High Level Bridge.  Buses will then then turn right onto Askew Road and resume normal route from the roundabout at the South end of the Redheugh Bridge. 
Service 53 to Newcastle will divert from Cuthbert Street turning left onto Askew Road West, observing all stops and continuing via Centrelink etc to Clayton Street West. Any customers who require Eldon Square can change here to alternative services.
Service 54 from Newcastle will serve Grainger Street as normal then turn left to Westgate Road, continuing via Collingwood Street, St Nicholas Street (observing stops), High Level Bridge and Askew Road, resuming normal route at the South end of the Redheugh Bridge.
Stagecoach Service 100 from Newcastle will operate via normal route to Central Station (serving Stand D as normal) and divert via Scotswood Road/Scotswood Bridge.  No stops will be affected as the closure is within the non-stop section of route.



- Sunday, 23 February 2020: Routes 7, 8 & E6 - Mortimer Road, South Shields

Mortimer Road, South Shields, will be closed for resurfacing works between Stanhope Road and Hepscott Terrace for 7 days commencing Sunday 16 February. 
Stagecoach service 7 and E6 towards Harton Nook – will operate via Laygate or Chichester Road (as normal) to the Chichester Metro, where services will divert via Dean Road, Sunderland Road and Cauldwell Avenue, re-joining the regular route at the Co-op on Mortimer Road.
Stagecoach service 8 and E6 towards South Shields – will follow the same diversion in reverse. (Mortimer Road, Cauldwell Avenue, Sunderland Road and Dean Road before re-joining the normal route towards South Shields)



- Friday, 06 March 2020: Route 10 - Woodstock Avenue, Sunderland

Woodstock Avenue will be closed for telecoms works between Westheath Avenue and Leechmere Road from Monday 17 February to Friday 6 March.
Stagecoach service 10 will be affected as follows:
Service 10 towards Grangetown - will run as normal along Westheath Avenue before diverting, via Woodstock Avenue and Queen Alexandra Road (towards Grangetown), re-joining the normal route at the Alexandra Pub.  Passengers should use the stop on Westheath Avenue (Playground) or Queen Alexandra Road (outside the Alexandra Pub) for their journey.
Service 10 towards Sunderland City Centre – will run as normal from the Alexandra Pub via Queen Alexandra Road, Ashbrooke Range and The Cedars.



- Monday, 24 February 2020: Routes 55, X7, X8 and X63 – Haddricks Mill Road (Southbound), South Gosforth

From Monday 17 February until the following Monday 24 February Haddricks Mill Road will be closed to all traffic southbound (heading towards Jesmond and the city centre).
Arriva service 55 will divert via Station Road, Church Road to Gosforth High Street re-joining the normal route at the Blue House roundabout.
Arriva express services X7 and X8 will not serve Balliol Business Park, instead continuing south on Benton Road across Four Lane Ends (stopping opposite the Four Lane Ends shops) then nonstop to Coast Road, Cradlewell and Sandyford Road into the city.
Stagecoach X63 will  observe normal route to South Gosforth and then divert via Station Road, Church Road and Gosforth High Street to Blue House Roundabout and normal route or Freeman Road, Newton Road, Coast Road, Cradlewell and Sandyford Road depending on traffic conditions.  
Northbound or out of City routes are not affected and remain as normal.



- Sunday, 01 March 2020: Route 35A – B1286 Herrington Road, New Herrington

B1286 Herrington Road will be closed for resurfacing works between 8am and 6pm on Sunday 23 February and Sunday 1 March.
Go North East Service 35A will be unable to serve New Herrington due to the road closure.  Diversion details are as follows:
Towards Heworth, services will divert after A182 Philadelphia Lane along Mill Terrace, Shiney Row Roundabout, A183 Chester Road, A19 Southbound, A690 Durham Road, re-joining normal route at Herrington Board Inn roundabout. This service will only stop at Herrington Burn, stop no 28021 on the diversion route section.
Towards Low Moorsley, buses will divert after Herrington Board Inn roundabout along A690 Durham Road, A19 Northbound, A183 Chester Road, Shiney Row Roundabout, A182 Mill Terrace, re-joining normal route at Philadelphia Lane. This service will only stop at Herrington Burn, stop no 28005 on the diversion route section.
Please note that all stops along the B1286 Herrington Road will be unserved.



- Routes 2/2A, 8, 16, 39, 78/78A – Chester Road/Wavendon Crescent/Woodville Crescent, Sunderland

A183 Chester Road will be closed between Wavendon Crescent and Woodville Crescent from 9am to 5pm on Sunday 23 February to allow repairs to the pedestrian island.
Service 8 towards South Hylton (Gateshead Central Taxis) will divert after Woodville Crescent along Melbourne Place, Wavendon Crescent, re-joining normal route at The Broadway.  Normal route towards The Docks.
Stagecoach 16 will divert via Woodville Crescent and Wavendon Crescent in both directions.
Go North Services 2/2A, 39 and 78/78A will divert via Holborn Road, Hylton Road and Kayll Road in both directions, observing all stops along the diversion.



- Saturday, 29 February 2020: Routes X7 & X8 – Killingworth Road, Killingworth

Killingworth Way, Killingworth, will be closed between Station Road and A189 for up to five nights commencing Monday 24 February.  The closures will be in place between 8pm and 6am to allow resurfacing works.
Arriva Services X7 & X8 will be diverted via Station Road, Killingworth Drive, Great Lime Road and Benton Lane in both directions. These buses will be unable to serve their stops on A189 at Whitehouse Farm.  Passengers should use stops on Benton Lane at Findus.



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