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Swiss train builder Stadler is building 46 new Metro trains for Tyne and Wear Metro, which will be delivered from 2022.

Our current fleet is now over 40 years old and is being replaced with state-of-the-art trains which will be 15% more reliable and consume 30% less energy.

However, we know our Metro trains are iconic, and instead of disposing of the entire fleet, we’re asking for ideas on how some of the trains can be preserved and kept in the region.

Read more here: Community groups invited to give an old Metro train a new lease of life | 

If you, your organisation or community group would like to express an interest in receiving one of the train carriages, please complete an expression of interest form. They are available to download at the bottom of this page. 

Key points to note before you apply:

  • Metro cars are expected to be made available between August 2023 and December 2024. 

  • The exact trains which will be used have not been decided yet, and applications cannot request specific trains.

  • If the delivery location is easily accessible by articulated heavy goods vehicle and within Tyne and Wear, there will be no cost to the successful applicant for the delivery of the train to the specified delivery address. 

  • The delivery will not include provision for the installation of the train in any final location and applicants will need to make their own provisions in connection with any enabling works and final installation works.

  • If the delivery location is not easily accessible by articulated heavy goods vehicle or is outside of Tyne and Wear, there may be additional cost to the successful applicant.  These costs will be agreed in advance with Nexus. 

  • Working Metro cars are 28m in length and weigh 40 Tons

  • The condition that trains can be handed over is negotiable and can range from complete, fully functional trains to a stripped-out shell, depending on proposed use. Applicants should therefore be aware that they may need to undertake additional work at their own expense to reach their desired condition of the train following delivery.







Can you give an old Metro a new home?

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