22 February 2022

Changes to bus services in Newcastle and North Tyneside 

Commercial bus companies are reviewing the services they operate in Newcastle, North Tyneside and surrounding areas from April 2022.  This is because passenger numbers have fallen since the start of the pandemic and additional Government subsidy to cover their financial losses is expected to end.

Commercial bus companies operate 90% of services in the region, and the changes expected would have a significant impact on the links local people currently enjoy to shops and community amenities, to places of work and to town and city centres.

Nexus provides the last 10% of local services using public funding.  We aim to stave off the worst effects of commercial service cuts by redirecting our current funding to a recast pattern of routes and timetables which maintain the most important community links. We also expect that services in the rest of Tyne and Wear will be subject to similar levels of change later this spring, which we will have to consider as operators finalise their plans for areas south of the Tyne.

Below, you will find a list of changes we expect commercial companies to make in Newcastle and North Tyneside, and the changes we are proposing to reduce the impact of these.   We expect the commercial changes to take effect from 27 March, and this aligns with the review date for Nexus contracts but leaves a limited period for consultation.
We welcome your feedback, however, both because you may still influence decisions we make now, and because it will help us plan for the future. Send your feedback to: [email protected] 

The list below contains the major changes we expect.  We have not included services which are not changing, or where there are minor changes to timetables or exact routes.  These will be listed on our website before they come in.

Service: 1 (Go North East) between Whitley Bay, Newcastle and Gateshead
What:  Go North East is introducing a new Monday-Saturday daytime operating every 20 minutes and Sunday daytime every 30 minutes and has withdrawn evening services on this route.  Nexus currently fund half hourly daily evening trips on service 1 between Whitley Bay - North Shields.  This resource has been re-purposed to retain an hourly evening service between Whitley Bay Town Centre - Newcastle following cancellation of all commercial evening trips between Gateshead - North Shields.
Why: This means there will still be an evening service on most of the route, but with a lower frequency.  We are unable to fund the whole route during the evening, but alternative buses and Metro exist.

Service 1 (Stagecoach) between Slatyford and Coach Lane/Cobalt via Newcastle City Centre.
What: Stagecoach has stated it is to withdraw one part of the service, between Coach Lane university campus and Cobalt.  Nexus do not plan to replace this.
Why:  Other bus routes are available in the area, although some direct local links will be lost.

Service: 6 (Nexus) between Jesmond Vale, Shieldfield and Newcastle
What: This route, funded by Nexus, will continue to exist with a new number – M6 – and different stops in Newcastle City Centre.  Frequency as now (every 30 minutes Monday-Saturday interpeak) but with slightly later last trip from City Centre.
Why: The minor changes in the city centre are in response to major building works.  The route will have a new number so there is no confusion with other number 6 buses in Newcastle

Services 6, 7 & 8 (Stagecoach) in Newcastle
What: Stagecoach has stated it is to withdraw two parts of these  services, between Four Lane Ends and Freeman Hospital (services 6, 7 and 8) and between Lemington and Central Station (service 8).  Nexus plans to fund additional evening services on Arriva route 52 between Four Lane Ends and Freeman Hospital.  Connections between Lemington and Central Station are possible on other routes but direct peak links to Newcastle Business Park will be lost.
Services 6 and 7 will also follow new routes in the Lemington area, service 6 via West Denton Park (Valley View/Combe Drive) and service 7 via Dumpling Hall (Kirkstone Avenue/Neptune Road).  
Why: Most journeys on the sections to be withdrawn will be possible on other buses

Service: 11 between Whitley Bay, North Tyneside Hospital, Howdon and Wallsend (also affects routes 41 & 41A)
What:  Go North East has stated it is to withdraw this route, which is also currently operated in the evening by Central Taxis under contract to Nexus.  Nexus will fund a new service – 317 – every 30 minutes day and evening to replace the 11 on the same route between Whitley Bay and Howdon, but also serving North Shields Ferry landing.  The 317 will also serve parts of Howdon and Holy Cross where Go North East is expected to withdraw routes 41 & 41A. 
Why:  This means Nexus are maintaining important links between communities in North Tyneside and the hospital.  Nexus are also providing a link between the Shields Ferry, Royal Quays and North Shields, links lost due to other expected changes.

Service: 13 in outer west Newcastle
What:  Nexus plans to withdraw this service, which currently provides local links in outer west Newcastle and to West Denton Shops. 
Why:  Changes to Stagecoach services 6, 7 and 62 which Nexus has agreed and will fund provide the same or improved links, in particular the local desire for more direct journeys to West Denton shops.

Service: 18 from Walker and Byker to the Freeman Hospital, Longbenton, Four Lane Ends and Quorum.
What: Stagecoach has stated it is to withdraw this route during the daytime, while a contract Nexus funds for evening services expires at the same time.  Nexus will fund the continuation of the whole route, daytime and evening.  The 18 would operate every 30 minutes daytime with a reduced hourly evening service.  
Why: Funding this route would allow people to complete direct journeys to shops, local amenities, and onward travel connections in Byker, schools in Heaton, Freeman hospital and Quorum employment site.

Service: 19 between North Shields, Percy Main, Silverlink, Cobalt, Northumberland Park, Cramlington and Ashington (also affects routes 333 and 359).
What: Go North East has stated it is to withdraw this route.  Nexus will fund a replacement service jointly with Northumberland County Council and Cobalt Business Park.  This would operate hourly from Cramlington via a new route through High Pit, Seaton Delaval, Seghill and Backworth Heritage Green (replacing the 359 in this area) and then by the existing 19 route every 30 minutes from Northumberland Park to Percy Main and then direct to North Shields also covering a loop of North Shields Fish Quay and the Ferry Landing (replacing the 333). The service between Cramlington and Ashington would be reduced to one peak time service in each direction.
Why: This maintains links at the best possible frequency throughout the route.  There are frequent alternative buses between Cramlington and Ashington.  Royal Quays will no longer be on the route, but will be connected to North Shields and the Ferry Landing by our new 317 service.

Service: 32/32A between Walker, Byker, Jesmond Vale, RVI, Spital Tongues, Benwell, Cowgate and Kenton
What:  Stagecoach has stated it is to withdraw this route, which Nexus also provides an evening equivalent to, between Newcastle City Centre and Kenton.  Nexus plans to replace the Monday – Saturday daytime 32/32a, following the existing route/timetable.  The Nexus funded daily evening trips would be cancelled.  Sunday daytime trips would operate hourly between Kenton and Walker. This is subject to the contract we are tendering being affordable.
Why: This will allow us to fund the most used hours of the service.  The evening journeys currently funded by Nexus see very low demand, so we are redirecting resource to replace the better-used commercial daytime service being withdrawn.

Service: 33/33A between Fawdon, Hollywood Avenue, Regent Centre, Gosforth, Jesmond and Newcastle City Centre.
What: Nexus plans to withdraw these services. Go North East is expected to move its QuayCity services to Osborne Road in Jesmond, instead of Great North Road.  This means a publicly-funded Nexus service would no longer be needed on this road.  The 33/33A also provides the only buses on Hollywood Avenue, Gosforth (the Garden Village), and Nexus will replace this part of the route by paying Arriva to provide an hourly 46A bus during the day, Monday to Saturday.  Evening and Sunday services on Hollywood Avenue will be withdrawn, as patronage is low at these times and alternative buses are available on Great North Road or Salters Lane.

Service: 35 between Newcastle, Coxlodge, Fawdon and Red House Farm (Newcastle).
What: Stagecoach has stated it is to withdraw this service.  Nexus will fund the continuation of the whole route during the day, as it operates now.
Why: The service provides a direct link from the Red House Farm estate and Coxlodge to Gosforth High Street and Newcastle City Centre. 

Service: 41 & 41A between Wallsend, Hadrian Lodge, High Farm, Battle Hill and Hadrian Park.
What:  Go North East has stated it is to withdraw this service through Howdon and Holy Cross. Nexus plans to step in to fund a new service – 317 –  every 30 minutes to maintain links from these areas to Royal Quays, North Shields Ferry Landing, North Shields, North Tyneside Hospital and Whitley Bay.  Go North East will re-route alternate 41 & 41A trips between Wallsend – Hadrian Park to also serve Hadrian Lodge.
Why: The new Nexus service maintains important local links, and creates some new ones, by redirecting funding from other services in the area.

Service: 42 & 42A between Wallsend, Forest Hall, Killingworth, Dudley, Seaton Burn, Hazlerigg, Airport and Kingston Park (also affects M71 in Newcastle)
What: Go North East has stated it is to withdraw these services, and Nexus contract funding for some trips on them will end at the same time.   Nexus plan to replace these services with a new service – 342 – which would operate hourly between Wallsend, Kingston Park and Westerhope, following the 42 route as far as Killingworth (except Hadrian Lodge, see 41 above) and then to Hazlerigg on the 42A route and then direct to Kingston Park Tesco and Westerhope.  Journeys on the 42 between Killingworth and Cramlington, and on the 42A between Bank Foot – Dinnington via the Airport, would be withdrawn..
Why:  The Nexus proposal recasts existing contracts and redirects funding to maintain important links across North Tyneside, and to Kingston Park Tescos.

Service: 46 between Great Park (Featherstone Grove), Regent Centre and Newcastle.
What: Arriva is expected to withdraw evening and Sunday services plus one early morning journey. Nexus will replace the early morning service by extending our existing service 552.  People living in the Featherstone Grove area will be able to use alternative buses on Brunton Lane or Great North Road.  Alternate buses will operate as service 46A and also call along Hollywood Avenue, funded by Nexus.
Why: Nexus is making sure children will be able to reach school by sustainable transport.  Alternative buses are within 400 metres’ walk of homes when the 46 no longer operates evenings and Sundays.

Service 51 & 51A between Newcastle, Holystone and Whitley Bay
What:  Nexus will fund an extension of the 51 to/from Whitley Bay Metro and a diversion of the 51A to additionally serve Hadrian Lodge. 
Why: Diverting the 51a via Hadrian Lodge provides an improved half-hourly (daytime) direct link to/from Newcastle.  It also maintains two (daytime) buses per hour to/from Benton ASDA helping to mitigate cancellation of the 42/42a.

Service 52 Newcastle - Freeman Hospital - Quorum Park - Killingworth - Dudley – Cramlington
What: With Go North East withdrawing the 42/42A daytime service, in order for Nexus to maintain connections currently funded on the 42/42A on an evening and Sunday, it is proposed that the funding will be used to deliver new daily evening contracted trips on service 52 between Newcastle - Cramlington.  
Why: These new trips would provide replacement facilities for the cancelled 42 between Killingworth - Cramlington via Weetslade, maintaining unique links.

Service: 53 between North Shields, Killingworth and Cramlington
What:  Arriva working in partnership with Nexus plan to divert the 53 between New York and Shiremoor to additionally serve Cobalt Business Park.
Why: The current Nexus-funded daily evening trips will be diverted via Cobalt to maintain late evening links with Metro.  Arriva plan to adopt the same route for their daytime service so that the same simple, easy to understand, route applies at all times.

Service: 55 between Forest Hall, Four Lane Ends and Newcastle.
What: Arriva is expected to reduce the evening frequency to hourly, with no services on a Sunday evening.  Nexus does not plan to replace these lost journeys, as alternative buses are available within 400 metres’ walk of people’s homes.

Service: 62 between Killingworth and outer west Newcastle
What:  Stagecoach will be funded by Nexus to extend this route from Walbottle to Newburn and Throckley, replacing links lost by the planned withdrawal of the Stagecoach 71 service on a similar route.  The 62 will provide direct links from these areas to West Denton shops.  Nexus is withdrawing service 13 as a result.
Why: The extension meets local residents’ aspirations for better direct links to West Denton shops, and to Newcastle city centre.

Route: 333 between North Shields Ferry Landing, Fish Quay, North Shields and Tynemouth Broadway.
What: Nexus plans to withdraw this service, with the changed 19 and new 317 services providing links between the Ferry Landing, Fish Quay and North Shields town centre.  This does mean that Tynemouth Broadway, between Beach Road and Manor Road, will no longer have a bus service.
Why: Replacing the 333 means Nexus can redirect funding to maintain other routes in the area where commercial operators are expected to withdraw services.   There are alternative buses (services 1 and 306) within 400 metres of those stops on Tynemouth Broadway losing their bus.

Route: 335 community service in North Tyneside (also affects 359 and K1 & K2)
What: Nexus currently provides this service and plans to change it to an hourly daytime service, but with a revised route which adds Murton Village, Silverlink and Quorum Park to Killingworth to the destinations served.  
Why: Reducing the frequency of the 335 to hourly means we can redirect funding to maintain other routes in the area where commercial operators are expected to withdraw services.  We are adding Murton Village (now on the 359 route) and Killingworth Drive (now on the K1 & K2 routes) to maintain links where Nexus is withdrawing local buses for the same reason.  Passenger numbers on all these routes are low compared to those we are stepping in to save.

Service: 359 between Backworth Heritage Green, Northumberland Park, West Allotment, Murton, North Tyneside Hospital and the Marden Estate in Cullercoats.
What: Nexus currently provides this service and plans to withdraw it.  Local people will still be able to make bus journeys to local amenities along the route by other services.  From Backworth Village and Northumberland Park to the hospital by Arriva service 54, from Heritage Green to Northumberland Park by the new service 19, to and from Murton village by the revised service 335, and from Marden Estate to Morrisons by Arriva service 306.  People travelling from West Allotment or the Marden Estate to the hospital will need to change buses to do so, at New York or Whitley Bay. 
Why: Withdrawing the 359 means Nexus can redirect funding to maintain other routes in the area where commercial operators are expected to withdraw services.   Passenger numbers on this route are low compared to those we are stepping in to save, and the majority of journeys can be made by other buses.

Service: K1 & K2 local services in Killingworth
What: Nexus funds these services and plan to withdraw them.  Local people will be able to access alternative current services routes into Newcastle, as well as the new planned Nexus 335 and 342 services. However, in some limited cases, customers will be required to walk more than 400m to access their alternative bus service. 
Why: Replacing the K1 & K2 means Nexus can redirect funding to maintain other routes in the area where commercial operators are expected to withdraw services.   

Service: M71 between Westerhope, Newbiggin Hall Estate and Kingston Park Tescos
What: Nexus plans to replace this half-hourly service with a new hourly 342 bus maintaining links to Kingston Park Tesco from Newbiggin Hall and Westerhope.
Why: replacing the M71 service at a reduced frequency means Nexus can redirect funding to maintain other routes in the area where commercial operators are expected to withdraw services.   

Service Q3:  Wallsend - Walker - St Peter's Basin - City Centre - Regent Centre - Great Park
What: Go North East plan to withdraw the Q3 between St Peter’s Basin and Wallsend and operate the service via Osborne Road. There are a number of alternative services available for customers in the areas affected by the withdrawal, including services 12,22 and 40. Nexus therefore propose no intervention. 
Why: Alternative services are available for customers impacted by the changes to the Q3 and Nexus’ resource has been focussed on areas where alternative services are not available. 

Service: ‘W’ group of local services in the Whitley Bay area.
What: Nexus plans to merge services W1 and W1A into a single hourly service and withdraw the W3 service.   The new W1 service will operate from Whitley Bay Metro via Whitley Bay, Monkseaton, Hillheads Estate, Drumoyne Gardens, West Monkseaton, South Wellfield, Earsdon Grange, and serve Valley Gardens to replace the W3.   As a result some people will be further from their closest bus service, though within 400 metres’ walk, and will see a reduced frequency.  People will need to change buses to get from Monkseaton, West Chirton, Percy Main and Meadow Well to North Tyneside Hospital, and from parts of New York to Whitley Bay.  The W2 service will see minor timetable changes to co-ordinate with service 51.
Why:  Revising this group of local services maintains links within the communities around Whitley Bay, while allowing Nexus to redirect funding to other routes in the area where commercial operators are expected to withdraw services.

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