Lady sitting on a bus
10 April 2017

What are we consulting about?
The 8X, which currently runs between Pennywell Road and South Hylton on evenings and Sundays.

Why are we considering change to this service?
At the moment, very few passengers use the 8X. We hope that extending the route will increase the number of passengers. 

What changes are we proposing?
We propose extending the route of the 8X so that it goes from Sunderland city centre via Sunderland Royal Hospital, High Barnes and Nookside to South Hylton.  The new 8X and the current service 8 (Sunderland city centre–South Hylton) will both run once an hour, so South Hylton will still have two buses an hour on evenings and Sundays.

How will passengers be affected by these changes?
• South Hylton residents will be able to reach more destinations
• There will be a more frequent service for people who live in High Barnes and Nookside
• Some passengers at Greenbank Drive, Fairmead and the Golden Lion will have a less frequent service, but they will also be able to go to more places by bus

Your views

This consultation has now closed.  The consultation was open from 10 April – 5 May 2017.


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