Travelling on the Shields Ferry

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As part of the Government's roadmap out of lockdown, current travel guidance is to minimise the number of journeys you make where possible, avoiding travel at the busiest times and routes.  

We want you to feel comfortable and secure when you travel on the Shields Ferry.  So we are:

  • Regularly cleaning and disinfecting the ferries.  
  • Providing guidance and information to help you maintain social distance.
  • Instructing our crew to monitor how many people are on board to stop the ferry becoming too busy.
  • Ensuring we meet the Government’s covid-secure standard for public transport.

Payment for fares can be made by card only.

The ferry is currently operating to a reduced capacity.
To ensure the Shields Ferry is Covid-secure, and that social-distancing is possible, the number of passengers we can currently carry is reduced.  This means that you could be asked to wait until the next crossing if we have reached the limit.  

Cyclists are advised distancing measures mean there is currently a limit of ten bikes, per crossing, allowed on board vessels.  People travelling in groups may be asked to wait for later crossings, and should use the Tyne Pedestrian and Cycling Tunnel as an alternative.

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When you travel on the Shields Ferry, please follow these guidelines to help everyone stay safe:

Ferry 2mKeep your distance. And travel in groups of 6 or less.
Ferry face covering

Wear a face covering - this is now compulsory,

except if you have an exemption for health reasons.

Find out more here. 

Ferry pop or contactlessUse a Pop card or pay by contactless
Ferry let people offLet people get off the ferry before you try to get on
Ferry hand wash

Wash or sanitise your hands regularly

There are sanitiser stations on board both ferries.

Ferry peak timesAvoid travelling at peak times if possible


Page last updated: 27 April 2021

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