Airport to Darras Hall to Airport (5 miles)

Leave Airport Metro Station and follow the signs into the Airport Terminal. Go out from the terminal building by the first exit door, a few yards ahead on the left. When you are outside the building, turn left and follow the pavement, and a series of pedestrian crossings, towards the airport exit. Just after the first roundabout, turn right to cross the road and walk ahead for 30 yards. Now turn left to cross the minor road and pick up the pavement. Follow the  pavement as it bears right to come to a crossing point. With extreme care, cross both lanes of the dual carriageway. Turn left and follow the path to a fingerpost “Black Callerton 11/4 miles, High Callerton 11/2 miles”. Walk in the direction indicated up the broad track to arrive at a large metal gate. Immediately after the gate, turn right to walk ahead along the field boundary, with the hedgerow on your right. At the field corner bear left and walk for 20 yards. Then turn right and walk for 40 yards, initially straight ahead, then following the faint path as it bears to the right to reach the field corner and a gap in the wire fence. Go through the gap. You are now near a former area of open cast mining; a warning sign for walkers “Caution site traffic” indicates that you need to take care here.

Turn left and walk along the wide vehicular track. You can see the opencast workings over to your right. When the track bears to the right (near a warning sign for the operator ’s drivers “caution footpath crossing”), walk straight ahead to join a narrow path running between two wire fences. Proceed along the path for a few hundred yards and cross a waymarked stile. Continue in the same direction, now on a broad farm track. Keep on the track as it skirts a pond on the left. Follow the track as it takes a 90- degree turn to the right and walk 300 yards to a set of fingerposts at a crossing of paths. Go straight ahead on the farm track in the direction “High Callerton”. You pass a property (Hold House) on your left. Continue on to a small settlement (High Callerton) on your left. At the end of the farm track, exit onto a road.

Cross the road and go into Edge Hill. Walk ahead and, after 200 yards or so, turn into the road on the right, which a faint sign identifies as Eastern Way. You are now walking through part of Darras Hall Estate with its wide variety of residential properties and large gardens. The walk continues along Eastern Way for just under a mile. After about three quarters of a mile you cross a main road. Continue ahead for a few hundred yards until, shortly after Meadow Court, you arrive at metal barriers on your right. Turn right, onto the path. This is a dismantled railway which runs between the gardens of Darras Hall houses. Keep on the path for just under half a mile until you reach another set of metal barriers. Go through the barriers and turn right. (If you wish to visit Ponteland, you can continue straight ahead to arrive at the Ponteland Memorial Hall).

Walk along the narrow path on the edge of the green area. After 70 yards or so, at a crossing of paths, turn right onto the metalled path, which is another dismantled railway track. Carry on and exit onto a road. Cross the road and go onto the continuation of the path. After 50 yards, where the path divides, take the right-hand fork. Carry straight on, passing Ponteland High School over to your right. Continue until the path meets a road.

Cross the busy road with care and go onto the continuation of the path. Proceed along the path, ignoring paths to the left and right. You pass a newly-planted area, with supports and protective tubes, on your right. Carry on until, just beyond two boulders, you arrive at a service road. Cross the road and go through the waymarked gateway on the right. Walk ahead a short distance to emerge at a wide track. Turn left and walk past the metal gates on your left to arrive at a pavement near a roundabout. Now retrace your steps to the terminal, Airport Metro Station and the end of the walk.

Closest Metro Station

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