Bede to Fellgate (3 miles)

Leave Bede Metro station: from Platform 1, turn left; from Platform 2, turn right. Walk ahead, pass (or visit) the Barbour Factory Outlet Shop. At the T-junction, turn right, walk ahead and turn into the next road on the left. Proceed to the junction at the entrance to the Port of Tyne and cross the road at the traffic lights. Turn left and walk ahead, passing the Alkali pub on your right and the Allison Arms on the left, to come to a road to the right. Follow the pavement as it bears right. Where the pavement ends, cross the road with care and continue in the same direction for about 400 yards to come to a sign on your left for the River Don cycleway.

The walk continues by going onto the cycleway but, time permitting, you may wish to visit the attractions on the other side of the road. This is the place where the Venerable Bede (c673-735) lived and worked. The site of his monastery is behind St Paul’s Church, which has 7th-century foundations and a Saxon chancel. Higher up the road is Bede’s World. This features an Anglo-Saxon farm, with animals and crops, and includes Jarrow Hall (1785) which has displays and a cafe. To continue the walk, proceed along the cycleway. At a mosaic, take the middle path and continue, going under the road bridge, until you exit from the path at a dual carriageway. Turn left and go under the Metro bridge.  After a few yards turn left at a sign for “Primrose”. After 100 yards turn right along the path that goes under the road (A19). Turn left near a footbridge and keep on the path, with Jarrow Cemetery on your left, until you arrive at a road.

Cross the road, turn right and walk a few yards, then turn left at a cycleway sign for “Primrose”. Proceed along the metalled path and at a T-junction turn left to go over a footbridge. Continue along the path, with the river on your right, to another footbridge. Cross the bridge and carry on, with the river now on your left. You pass picnic tables and viewing platforms at the Primrose Nature Reserve. Follow the path, passing two footbridges. At the end of the cycleway, turn left and walk a few yards to a road.

(If you are ready for a refreshment stop, the Robin Hood, home of the Jarrow Brewery, is nearby). To continue the walk, turn right to cross the road and go under the road bridge. Take the path on the right and after 20 yards bear right. Walk ahead and, about 20 yards before the houses, bear right. Walk to a junction of paths and take the path going down to the right. Bear right at the next junction and then after 50 yards turn left. Proceed ahead with a burn and hedgerow on your left. The path arrives at a main road. Cross the road to the continuation of the path and proceed to Fellgate Metro station and the end of the walk.

Closest Metro Station

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