Kingston Park to Callerton Parkway (5.5 miles)

Kingston Park to Callerton Parkway walk map

Leave Kingston Park Metro station: from Platform 1, exit down the ramp, turn right to cross the Metro line, then turn right onto the service road, with the Metro line on your right; from Platform 2, exit down the ramp, cross the road and join the service road. Proceed ahead. At the end of the road, carry straight ahead along the metalled path. You arrive at a main road. Cross the road with care and continue ahead on the metalled path. Keep on the main path, ignoring paths off to the left. Carry on and go through a subway. At a junction of paths, bear left and shortly, at an intersection of paths, bear left again. Walk through the woodland (Newbiggin Dene). At the end of the dene, bear left and go up the slope. Exit through metal barriers to a road (A).

Turn right and follow the road (Hedgehope Road) to a T-junction. Over to right is St Wilfrid’s Church (1967). Cross the road, turn left, walk a few yards then turn right past the doctor’s surgery to the metalled path ahead. Proceed ahead, with the ferocious looking railings on your left. At the intersection of paths turn left, following the line of the railings, and walk ahead. Turn right onto the second path (with streetlights). At the junction, near the music notes sculpture, bear left and carry on between houses to a T-junction. Turn right and proceed along the road (Whittingham Road) to a junction with a busy road. Turn right and walk to the T-junction, with St Mary’s Catholic Church (1979) on your right. Cross the main road, with care, using the traffic island on your right, and turn left. Walk ahead to come to a roundabout (B).

You are in a large suburb of Newcastle called Westerhope. Originally, it was a small country village, established in the 1890s. The founding families named their settlement to indicate that their move west gave them hope for a better life, away from the crowded garden-less terraces of Newcastle. Turn right and proceed ahead, on the pavement and then a grass verge. (Walkers with pushchairs might prefer to make use of the pavement on the other side of the road). At a crossroads with traffic lights, turn right and walk along the narrow road to arrive near the clubhouse of Westerhope Golf Club. Carry on in the same direction past Whorlton Grange residential home. There is a sign which warns walkers of the danger of flying golf balls. You should respect the etiquette of the game and keep still and quiet if golfers are playing shots nearby. Walk along the tree-lined track and onto the course. Walk ahead with the trees on your right. Bear right past the 150 yards marker post to pick up a track with a metal fence/hedge on your right. Exit from the course via a metal stile (C).

Turn right and walk along the grassy area with the hedge on your left. If it is wet you may prefer to use the road over to your right. A short distance after passing some tall conifers, turn left into an entrance and immediately right to continue in the same direction along the narrow lane. You come to a track on your left (at this point, on your right, there is a sign for 99-129 Hareydene). Go onto the track and proceed ahead. At a junction of paths continue straight on. Cross the bridge over the dual carriageway. Carry on and cross the Metro line, via the carefully designed safety gates, to arrive in Woolsington village (D).

Turn left to pass (and possibly visit) Sandra’s Village Tea Room. Walk to the traffic island and cross the road. Turn left and proceed ahead, past some interesting properties. After about a quarter of a mile, just before a bus stop, turn right onto the public footpath to Woolsington Hall. After 50 yards an information panel on the left explains that you have arrived at South Abbotswood, part of Newcastle Airport Landscape and Wildlife Strategy. Carry on until the public footpath meets a road with double yellow lines on both sides (Middle Drive). Turn left and walk along the road to a T-junction. Another information panel, on the right, gives details of this part of Abbotswood (E).

If time permits you can explore the little woodland area. To continue the walk, turn left and walk to the junction with the main road. Turn right and proceed ahead to the junction. Turn left to cross the road with care and walk past Miller’s pub and restaurant to arrive at Callerton Parkway Metro station and the end of the walk.

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