North Shields to Ferry to South Shields (3 miles)

North Shields to Ferry to South Shields walk map

Leave North Shields Metro Station and turn right. In a few yards, turn right to follow the sign “Pedestrian Ferry”. Proceed ahead and turn left into Borough Road. Follow the road as it descends towards the river. At the bottom of the hill, turn right and walk a short distance, then turn left into Ferry Mews. Board the ferry (A).

Enjoy the crossing! After disembarking, go to the end of the walkway and turn left. Walk for 25 yards and then turn right and walk to the Alum Ale House pub on your left. Turn left at the T-junction and proceed ahead. At the roundabout bear right and follow the road, climbing quite steeply, as it bears left and crosses a railway bridge. Immediately below the bridge on the left, is, literally, the end of the line. You can also enjoy some extensive views of the river. On the riverside promenade you can see the Spirit of South Shields sculpture by Irene Brown. Just beyond the bridge, turn left onto the metalled path (B).

Follow the path past the statute of Dolly Peel (1782-1857) whose fascinating story is told on the accompanying information panel. Continue on the path. Below on the left there are several little boatyards on the riverside. The path rejoins the main pavement. From here, looking over the river to North Shields, the two tall white buildings in the foreground are the High Light and Low Light, which for many years served as navigational aids. Cross the road and proceed along Mile End Road. After a few yards turn left and follow the path past the beautifully maintained war memorial and graveyard. Unusually, the memorial honours the men from just one North Shields street, who fought and died in the First World War. The church over to the right is St Stephen and St Aidan (1846). At a junction of paths turn left, walk about 50 yards and at the railings turn right. Walk ahead and go up three steps. Turn left and follow the road round to the right with the railings on your left. Just after Hadrian Nursery School, turn left and follow the railings towards the church. Continue ahead to the junction at the People’s Mission. Turn left past the People’s Mission and walk to Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum on the right (C).

After visiting Arbeia, leave the grounds, turn right and walk towards the river. At the T-junction turn right and proceed along Greens Place. You pass Wellesley Court, formerly the River Tyne Pilot Offices, and The Beacon pub. Walk ahead to the Lawe Beacons (1832), a plaque outlines its significance. Ignore the gateposts on your left as you bear right for 30 yards before turning left into the park (D).

Follow the pink line which takes you left at a crossing of paths. You come to a small plaque at The Lawe Top. From the top of the nearby steps there are splendid sea views. On the beach below you can see the bronze figures of the Conversation Piece sculpture by Juan Munoz. Keep following the pink line until you reach a crossing of paths with a lamp post in the centre. Go straight ahead, now following the yellow line, passing a second lamp post before reaching the Westovian Theatre. Turn right and walk the short distance to the lifeboat memorial and the clock tower (1887) (E).

Walk ahead to the crossroads. Cross over and continue in the same direction along the road (Ocean Road) with its fascinating collection of ethnic restaurants and takeaways. The road becomes pedestrianised as you come to the town centre. You pass the Museum and Art Gallery and a statue in memory of John Simpson Kirkpatrick, a hero of the First World War. Carry straight on to the South Shields Metro Station and the end of the walk

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