Palmersville to Benton (3.5 miles)

Palmersville to Benton walk map

Exit from Palmersville Metro Station and turn right to follow the pavement to The Wheatsheaf. Immediately after the pub, turn right and continue for about 200 yards until you see the sign on the opposite side of the road for the Rising Sun Country Park. Cross the road with care and proceed down the metalled road leading towards the country park. You soon leave the surrounds of Asda and are walking between hedgerows with meadowland on one side and a paddock on the other. After a few hundred yards, leave the road via a kissing gate at a public footpath sign on your right (A). (To visit the Rising Sun Countryside centre, refreshments available Monday-Friday, you need to follow the road for a further 200 yards).

Follow the path as it descends gently towards a wooded area. Pass beneath an interesting wooden sculpture and turn almost immediately left at a junction of paths. You pass a metal sculpture of a mole and are quickly into a pleasant glade, walking across duck boarding and passing benches where you can take a rest if needs must. You soon arrive at a stone hide through which you can view the nature reserve’s pond and admire the bird life and wild flowers. Continue on the clear path and go through the kissing gate next to a metal gate onto a broad track (B).

Turn right, walk for about 150 yards and turn left to leave the track opposite a metal gate. Fork almost immediately left to take the path towards the edge of the wood (ignoring the waymarked countryside trail to the right). Walk along the perimeter of the wood on what can sometimes be a rather muddy path. When the path bears right at the corner of the wood, after a few yards look out for a small wooden footbridge on your left. Cross over the footbridge and walk straight ahead with a fence on your left and an old hedgerow on your right to meet a metalled lane (C).

Turn right and proceed along the lane for about 150 yards until you reach, on your left what appear to be two finger posts without their fingers! Turn sharp left through the wide wooden barrier and continue ahead in the same direction along a broad track which is stony in parts. The track climbs gradually to meet a junction of paths. Turn left to climb past a waymarked post and reach the top of the rise and a splendid panoramic viewpoint. Here you have an example of the effective reclamation of land, as you are now on the reclaimed spoil heap of a major coal mine, the Rising Sun Colliery, that closed in 1969 (D).

From here there are views of North Tyneside and beyond. To the south-west, far beyond the cranes of the shipyards you may even be able to see the Grecian-looking Penshaw Monument in County Durham, while to the north-west beyond North Tyneside College, you may be able to discern the Simonside Hills. To continue the walk, retrace your steps to the waymarked post. Bear left and descend on the broad track, soon passing a further waymarked post. Some 125 yards beyond this second post, bear right to leave the track at a short (unwaymarked) post and follow the grassy track as it rises slightly before dropping quite steeply for about 100 yards before bearing right between bushes to reach a metal gate just in front of some houses. Don’t go through the gate, but instead turn right to follow the public bridleway, which can be muddy, as it proceeds past the houses on your left and trees on your right. At the end of the housing, with a public footpath sign on your right, turn left over a small footbridge. The track has housing on the left and fields on the right. You pass over two low vehicle hurdles as the track proceeds for a few hundred yards to arrive at a busy road at the entrance to Wallsend (E).

Cross the road with care and follow the broad track as it continues ahead in the direction of the public footpath sign: “East Benton Farm 1/3m 0.5Km; Whitley Road 2/3m 1Km”. The track leads past the farm buildings and then a row of cottages before crossing a bridge over a railway. Continue along the track until you meet a metalled lane at the entrance to the Newcastle United Training Centre. (If you wish to extend this walk to South Gosforth, cross the lane and turn left to join Walk 6 at point (A)). Turn right and proceed up the lane a short distance to reach the main road (Whitley Road) (F).

Turn left and follow the pavement as far as the traffic lights at Station Road. Cross over with care and proceed down Station Road for about 200 yards until you see the sign for the Metro station which is on the left-hand side. Cross over the road and make your way to Benton Metro Station and the end of the walk.

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