South Hylton to Penshaw Monument to South Hylton (4.5 miles)

penshaw walk

On leaving South Hylton Station continue straight ahead, cross over the road and continue along the path/cycleway which was once a continuation of the railway line. Continue through the underpass beneath the road (A19) and proceed directly ahead, ignoring the path of to the left (you will return down this path). Soon you have woods on your right through which there are glimpses of the River Wear, while on the left there are farm fields. Ahead on your left, from time to time you may be able to see the templelike structure of Penshaw Monument. About 800 yards beyond the underpass you come to a junction of paths with The Railway Crossing Cottage on your right. Continue straight ahead for a further 800 yards or so, passing a golf course on your right until you reach a road bridge (A).

Immediately beyond the bridge, turn right and climb the steps to meet a minor road. Turn right, cross the bridge and walk up the road as it climbs quite steeply. Ahead on the right you will see your destination, Penshaw Monument. As the road bears left you will find a waymarked stile on your right (B).

(If you wish to avoid the climb to the monument and the stiles, you can continue along the road as from (D) below). Cross the stile and follow the green path as it climbs diagonally towards the woods known as Dawson’s Plantation. Go through the gap in the fence into the woods and continue in the same direction along the broad path, ignoring paths off. The path makes its way through the pleasant woods below Penshaw Monument, climbing quite steeply in parts until it exits at a kissing gate onto a track. Turn left and follow the track as it winds round and takes you to some steps leading up to the south side of the monument. Climb up the steps to reach the base of Penshaw Monument. It was erected in 1844 by public subscription in honour of John George Lambton, first Earl of Durham, the first Governor of Canada. This strange anomaly on a Durham hillside was based on the design of an Athenian temple and although rather disappointing on closer inspection, it provides an excellent viewpoint (C).

After admiring the countryside, take the broad green path on the north side of the monument as it descends with the woods on your left. Bear left to go through a kissing gate at the edge of the woods and continue straight ahead with a wire fence on your right. Cross a waymarked (Wearside Walks) stile and take care as the path narrows over the steep drop. At another waymarked stile the path proceeds ahead along the field edge with the fence now on your left until just beyond the end of the woods where a stile takes you onto the other side of the field boundary. Continue in the same direction as before until you exit onto a minor road at a public footpath sign indicating that you have covered 1/2 mile from Penshaw Monument (D).

Follow the road up the hill and when the road bears right continue straight ahead in the direction “Offerton only” to pass Offerton Hall Farm on your right (E).

At the end of the lane, go through the gate and continue along the public bridleway “South Hylton 2/3”. Descend the path with the busy road (A19) on your right, glimpses of the River Wear below and the huge Nissan Factory complex beyond on your left. Eventually you arrive at the underpass through which you passed on your outward journey. Go through the underpass and retrace your steps along the disused railway track back to South Hylton Metro Station and the end of the walk.

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