Tyne Dock to East Boldon (5 miles)

Tyne Dock to East Boldon walk map

Exiting Tyne Dock Metro Station from Platform 1, turn left and follow the path down the ramp to the main road. Exiting from Platform 2, turn left down the ramp and then after a few yards turn right to follow the path down to the main road. At the main road, turn left and proceed  ahead past St Peter and St Paul RC Church (1906) to the traffic lights. Cross over to Barclays Bank, continue ahead to the pedestrian lights. Cross over the road, turn left and walk to Stanley Street with the Colliery Hotel on the corner. Turn right and continue past All Saints Community Centre to the road end. Go down the short flight of steps and turn left onto the metalled track, formerly the West Harton Mineral Line (alternatively you can join the track via a ramp). Immediately on your left is a stone carving Blackberry. This sculpture is one of a number that you will encounter on this walk that were developed by schoolchildren and groups in conjunction with local artists for the Forest of Imagination Sculpture Trail (A).

Proceed along the track between the houses. After about 150 yards, at a crossing of paths, you will see All Saints Church (1887-90) over to your left. Continue ahead until you reach a road. Cross with care and pass through the metal barriers noting the linked metal sculpture. Walk along the track and just beyond a road bridge, you reach a sign “Temple Park Leisure Centre” (B).

Turn left, walk through the metal barriers and then pass some houses on your right, to reach the B1298. Cross the road with care at the traffic island, on your right, turn left and then almost immediately right, to enter the park. Immediately on your right is the stone carving Nuts of Hazel. Now proceed ahead on the metalled path through the park, keeping roughly parallel to a main road over to your left and ignoring paths off to the right and left. Eventually you will see ahead a large building with an emblem on the top left corner, this is your next destination, Temple Park Centre. The path winds its way forward passing a brick building (Community Safety Centre – Fire Brigade). Then just before the path reaches a main road, take the second of two paths on your right and head towards the leisure centre, its emblem of a crouching figure now clearly visible. After about 400 yards, at a crossing of paths, turn left and follow the path as it snakes its way round to the main entrance of the Temple Park Centre with its leisure facilities and cafeteria. Opposite the entrance are two useful information boards (C).

To continue, retrace your steps for about 75 yards, bear left just beyond a ringed marker post and follow the path with its lampposts. You pass a stone carving Acorn on your right, before the path winds behind the enclosed football pitch. Just beyond the base of a broken lamppost, take the right-hand fork. Follow the path as it runs roughly parallel to the dual carriageway on your left. At a junction of paths, at the stone carving Leaf of Oak, turn left and exit at the dual carriageway (King George Road). Turn right and continue along the pavement with the White Ensign pub on the left-hand side. At the roundabout, turn right down Nevinson Avenue. On your left, you pass King George V School and the tall Totem Pole. Continue ahead and cross the road at the sign “Tilesheds Nature Reserve Brockley Whins” (D).

Proceed in the direction of the cycleway signs down Holder House Way. The school and playing fields are on your left, beyond which you should be able to see the ornate Water Tower (1860-2), with the base of Cleadon Windmill some way to the right. At the end of the road, you pass the entrance to some allotments on your right. Continue ahead between the bollards on a surfaced track. Just after a single wooden gatepost on your right, follow the track as it bears right between wire fences. You pass a large stone and you need to turn round to appreciate the features of the sculpture, the Green Man. Continue ahead to pass a wooden barrier at the rear of some houses and after about 200 yards you reach a further stone carving, Leaf of Beech (E).

Turn left and proceed ahead looking out for the wooden sculpture Whale and Snail on your right. Then, after a further 75 yards, take the left fork to go through another barrier. At the next fork go right and continue ahead to arrive (and rest ?) at the sculpture Flowering Seat, just before a car park. Turn right and continue along the track, parallel to the road beyond the hedgerow on your left, to reach an information board with details of the Tilesheds Nature Reserve and the surrounding area. Go through the metal gate and onto the observation platform to appreciate the small pond, reed beds and wildlife. (F).

To continue on the walk, leave the nature reserve by a second metal gate. Cross the busy road (Tilesheds Lane) with care, turn right and proceed ahead. About 50 yards before the level crossing, turn left to pass in front of some cottages. Carry on in the same direction to follow the path with the Metro track on your right. You pass an interesting collection of small holdings including “The Funny Farm” before you reach Sleepers pub, East Boldon Metro Station and the end of the walk.

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