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Get your Junior blue card online . The card itself is free but must be purchased with a £5 balance.

What’s Junior blue?

If you’re aged 15 or under, why not try Junior blue? It’s a brand new way to pay for your Metro travel; just load a balance onto your Junior blue card and use it to pay for journeys as you make them. And all with no need to find or carry cash!

You can also use your Junior blue balance on the bus and the Shields Ferry but it works differently, visit nexus.org.uk/pop for details.

Who can use a Junior blue card?

Junior blue is for children and young people aged 15 or under. You may be asked for proof of age when you travel on Metro with a Junior blue card.

How much does it cost?

You can use your Junior blue card to pay for commercial child fares. Metro's commercial child fares are - £1.00 for a single trip or £1.90 for travel all day. 

You can't use your Junior blue card to pay for concessionary child tickets, which are concessionary single or Child All-day Tickets (CATS). Children aged under 16 who live in Tyne and Wear can apply for an Under 16 Pop card, which lets them buy concessionary child fares (60p single, £1.10 all day).

How does Junior blue work on Metro?

You need to touch in at the start of your journey and touch out at the end. You do this by touching your Junior blue card on to the reader on the yellow Metro station validator, or the orange card reader on the Metro station gates – even if they’re open. If you don’t do this, you won’t have a validated Junior blue card and you could be issued with a Penalty Fare Notice. Remember, you may be asked for proof of age when travelling on Metro, so make sure you have ID with you.

Proof of age

We’ll accept any of these as proof of age:

  • ID card with the PASS hologram
  • Under 16 Pop card
  • Passport or birth certificate (can be a photo)

Where can I get a Junior blue card?

Get your Junior blue card online. The card itself is free but must be purchased with a £10 balance.

Where can I top up my Junior blue card?

•  Online. Then load your purchase onto your Junior blue card at a Metro station validator, gate or ticket machine.

• At any Metro station ticket machine


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