Live Travel Map FAQs

Our new Live Travel Map is a great way to plan journeys and find out when your bus or Metro is due to arrive. There's a video guide to it at the bottom of this page.

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How do I see the next departures from a bus stop?

Find the location you’re interested in by either zooming or scrolling on the map, or by entering an address, location, postcode or bus stop number into the Search box.

Simply click on a Bus icon to see a list of the next buses from that bus stop, or bus stand in a bus station.

If it shows a number of minutes in the Expected column (eg 10 mins), it’s Real-Time information, which means it’s showing how many minutes until that bus is expected to actually leave your stop, based on where it is on its route. And the number of minutes will be updated if you click on the refresh icon.

If an actual time, (eg 10:20) is showing in the Expected column, it means that Real-Time information is not currently available for that bus service, and you’re seeing the time the bus is due to leave your stop according to the timetable.

How do I see the next departures from a Metro station?

Click on the Metro icon for the platform you’ll be travelling from to see a list of the next Metro trains from that platform. The times displayed will be based on the current timetable.

How do I see the next departures from a railway station?

Click on the Rail icon to see a list of the next trains from that station. The times will be in Real-Time.

Can I save my favourite stops?

Just select the favourites star to save the stops and stations you use the most.

Can I download timetable information?

Yes, just click on the pdf icon at the top of the list of next departures to see the current timetable for that bus stop or stand or Metro station.  You can also download individual bus service timetables.

How do I know which bus stops a bus service stops at?

To see which stops a particular bus service uses, just enter the service number (eg 38) into the Search box. You’ll then see the entire route on the map. Select a stop you’re interested in on the map or from the list to see the next departures from that stop.

How do I plan a journey?

To plan a journey, simply click on a point on the map, and choose whether to travel from or to that location. Then do the same somewhere else. Choose a journey time and date, if you want to, and then select Go.  Your results will include Real-Time information, where available.

To plan a journey to or from a Metro station or bus stop, click somewhere just alongside the Metro or Bus icon, as clicking on the icon itself gives you the next departures.

You can also plan a journey by typing in where you’re travelling from and to. Or select the full Journey Planner from the menu bar at the top.


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