Get active with Metro

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Looking to make some new choices in 2022? Let Metro be part of your plans. 

There are several ways to incorporate Metro travel into a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. We've split it into four areas - walk, cycle, ride, relax.


From taking the stairs at a station to getting off one stop earlier, or even taking the dog for a more adventurous walk, there are plenty of ways to get those extra steps in as part of your journey.

Learn how you can increase your step count while using Metro.


Cycle to a Metro station and lock your bike safely - some of our stations even have smart lockers! Explore Tyne and Wear over road, cycle paths and the Metro. 

Discover how you can get on your bike and take the Metro for a healthier ride.


However you build a healthy regime into your journey, keep up-to-date with all timetables, service updates and more, ensuring your journey is as planned and smooth as possible - from getting the best ticket for you to following the latest travel guidance.

Find information on making your Metro ride journey as smooth and convenient as possible.


Getting the Metro is a completely different experience to driving. Leave behind the worry of congestion and the hassle of parking tickets and make the most of your journey. Listen to your favourite music or read a book.

Read some tips on how to relax on your Metro journey.

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