Family friendly

Family on Metro

Babies and children are welcome on Tyne and Wear Metro – public transport is for everyone.

We know travelling with children can be tricky, and we want to make it as easy as possible.

Free and discounted travel

With our Take the Kids for Free price promise, up to three kids aged 11 and under can travel for free on Metro, all day, every day, when accompanied by a fare-paying adult. Find out more about Take the kids for free here.

There are low price fares for older children too. Under 16s with an Under 16 Pop card can travel for just £1.10 a day with an Under 16 Child All-day Ticket (U16 CAT), and there’s discounted ticket options right up to age 21.

Easy access for all

All our stations have step free access, with ramps or lifts, for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Our new fleet of trains, which will start to enter service in 2023, will have a sliding step at every door. This means there’ll be no gap between the platform and the train, a huge improvement if you’re pushing a pram, pushchair or wheelchair. Find out more about our new fleet here.

Space and seating

Priority seating is marked on most Metro trains, and it’s for those in greatest need of a seat, including pregnant people and customers carrying infants. It’s usually located near the doors, so it’s easily accessible.

We’ve got a badge scheme which can help you get a seat if you need it. Badges say ‘I need a seat’ or ‘Baby on board’. Find out more about our badges here

You don’t need to fold up your pram or pushchair when you get on the Metro, unless you want to. We have space for unfolded prams and pushchairs on every train, and in our new fleet, there’ll be even more space for them. The new multi-use areas will include tip-up seats, so you can sit down next to your pram or pushchair.


You are legally allowed to breastfeed your baby in public, including on our trains, and the Equality Act states that it is sex discrimination to treat a someone unfavourably if they are breastfeeding. If your baby or child needs feeding, in any way, please feed them.

Extra fun

While you’re on the Metro with children, we’ve got games and activities to keep them entertained. Take a look and download them here.

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