Get active with Metro - Cycle

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Why cycle?

According to Sustrans getting on your bike raises your metabolic rate, can make it easier to lose weight, burning up to 500 calories per hour, which is more than walking or swimming. 

So if you’re aiming for a more active lifestyle, dust off the Lycra, strap on a helmet, grab a bike lock and cycle to a Metro station as part of your next journey.

Navigate your way around the region

Go Smarter, Go Active, a campaign championing active travel in the North East, has launched a brand-new interactive walking and cycling map of the region to help make journeys on foot or by bike simpler - and by using Metro, you can easily incorporate cycling into a commute or an adventure into the great outdoors.

Get on your bike - and go by Metro

All Metro stations have facilities to lock bikes, while many have smart lockers to store your bike.

You can even take folding bikes with you on the Metro. Non-folding bikes can now also be taken on Metro stations and trains between Callerton Parkway-Jesmond, Manors-Jesmond (via Whitley Bay), Gateshead Stadium-South Shields/South Hylton  Monday to Friday 10.00am-3.00pm, Monday to Friday 7.00pm until end of service and all day at weekends. Find out more about taking your non-folding bike on Metro here.

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