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Why walk more?

If you can, why not fit more movement into your daily schedule and contribute to a healthy lifestyle while travelling?

According to the NHS, walking can:

  • Burn excess calories
  • Build stamina

  • Boost mental health

  • Make your heart healthier

A report from Public Health England, states that just 10 minutes of brisk walking a day is an easy way for adults to introduce more moderate intensity physical activity into their day and reduce their risk of early death by up to 15%. Get your steps up with Metro.  There are plenty of ways you can increase your step count by ditching the car and getting the Metro.

Take the stairs

Every step counts towards your goal. Rather than standing still on an escalator or taking the lift, why not walk up the stairs and get that heart rate going?

Climbing stairs can burn 8-11 calories per minute, so it can play a great part in your healthy lifestyle.

Use the Metro to explore

Tyne and Wear has an abundance of places to explore. 

Read our guide to beautiful green spaces in the region or get out your bucket and spade and head to the seaside - we recommend seven sandy beaches you can reach via Metro.

To celebrate our 20 year anniversary of our Sunderland line, here's twenty things to see and do in Sunderland, close to a Metro station. 

Walk to another station

Want to get your steps up - why not get off at an earlier stop or board the train at the next station to your usual journey starting point?

Our Metro Walking Map gives you an idea of how long it would take to walk between each station on the network so that if you fancy mixing up your commute or building some activity into your routine you can easily do so.

There are 22 walks that are under 15 minutes and nine that are 10 minutes or less. And plenty of longer ones too.


Metro walking map showing times between stations on foot

Take your dog a little further

Take the dog a little further – dogs travel free on Metro, so explore Tyne and Wear with your four-legged friend and take some extra steps. Explore the various parks and beaches around the network.

Make sure you take some photos and use the #dogsonmetro hashtag so we can share it on our social channels!


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