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Congestion, tolls, fuel prices, parking tickets, roadworks. Who needs any extra hassle in your journey when you can read a good book, listen to a playlist or take time out to relax while you travel?

A pre-pandemic study by the RAC shows that driving is becoming more stressful, with more cars on the road, rude drivers and the threat of making mistakes or speeding.

Take advantage of Metro travel and practice mindfulness. Escape into a novel, an audiobook or your favourite music, and you’ll wish your journey lasted even longer.


Whether non-fiction is your bag, or a gripping novel, whether you're into ebooks or like the feel of real paper, the Metro is a great place to get lost in words. If you find the right book, you'll be wishing your Metro journey could last that little bit longer!

How about enjoying local authors while you travel through Tyne and Wear? Here's five authors with North East connections

Anne Cleeves

Anne Cleeves' immensely popular Vera series has been televised by ITV. Anne first moved to the region in the 1980s and has settled here. An episode of Vera was even filmed on the Shields Ferry!

Catherine Cookson

One of the most successful British authors of all time, Catherine Cookson was native to South Tyneside in the 1900s. South Shields Museum even has a section about her life. She penned over 100 historical fiction novels in her lifetime, with her stories inspired by her youth.

Terry Deary

Author of Horrible Histories, Terry Deary was born in Sunderland. His fun series of factual historical books became a BBC TV series and are much loved by children and adults alike.

Nancy Revell

Author of The Shipyard Girls series, Nancy Revell is from Sunderland. Her stories follow female shipyard workers during World War II, providing a dramatic local setting.

Trevor Wood

If crime ficiton is your thing, Newcastle-based Trevor Wood's debut The Man on the Street is set on Tyneside, and was one of the most talked-about books of 2020, witth the producers of Line of Duty snapping up the film rights.

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Listen to Music

Sometimes, you just want to put your earphones in and zone out. Or provide your own soundtrack to the sights whizzing past the window as your Metro makes its way to your destination.

Whether you're into rap, garage, new age ambient music or unwind with heavy metal, sitting back with your favourite tunes in your ears helps you relax as you head towards your destination.


Some Metro customers like to get crafty during their journey! Knitting offers a relaxing and creative way to use your travel time, favoured by Olympian Tom Daley and many enthusiasts. And after a few journeys, you could have a fantastic creation to keep you warm or to give as a gift.

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