Bikes on Metro trial

We held a trial to see the impact of allowing cylces on trains during off-peak periods.  The results have been positive so we're extending the times cycles are allowed on trains between Callerton Parkway and Jesmond, for a period of at least six months (from January 2018).

Cycles are now allowed on trains between Callerton Parkway and Jesmond (in either direction):

  • Monday to Friday 10.00am-3.00pm 
  • Monday to Friday 7.00pm until end of service
  • All day at weekends

Each Metrocar has one designated storage area for bikes located near the perch seat. One bike is allowed on each Metrocar (trains are made up of two Metrocars). The space will also be used by wheelchair users and customers with pushchairs. Priority must always be given to wheelchair users and customers with pushchairs.

See the documents below for full details of the trial.


Only folding cycles are allowed on Metro and must be fully folded whilst on Metro property.

Folded cycles that have handlebars and pedals which stick out MUST be placed in a bag while on Metro.  We do not specify the type of bag however it should be robust enough to prevent handlebars and pedals causing injury to other passengers.

Cycle parking is available at most Metro stations, some stations have cycle lockers, Sheffield stands or Streetpod cycle lockers.  Check station details to find out which Metro stations parking facilities.

Streetpod cycle parking

If you wheel your bicycle’s front wheel into the ‘slot’ on each Streetpod, and attach a rigid bike lock through the small hoop, then your front wheel should be safe from theft.  Wherever possible, Streetpods are also installed in areas which are CCTV-covered and/or have good levels of visibility and lighting, to provide cyclists with extra reassurance about security.

At some stations like Monument or Haymarket, Sheffield stands are provided by the local Council on the street outside the station.


Dogs can travel free on Metro. Keep your dog on a lead and ensure it is under control at all times.  Please do not take your dog on the escalator, use the lift or stairs instead.