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The step-by-stop active travel guide

As part of the Newcastle Can initiative - which is on a mission to get our city fitter and healthier - we've teamed up with the Newcastle Can team to create the step-by-stop active travel guide for the Metro system.

This guide gives you an idea of how long it would take to walk between each station on the network so that if you fancy mixing up your commute or building some activity into your routine you can easily do so.

There are 22 walks that are under 15 minutes and  nine that are 10 minutes or less. And plenty of longer ones too.

Metro walking map

Why walk?

It's often overlooked as a form of exercise but there are actually loads of benefits of walking.

According to Public Health England, one brisk walk a day is enough to cut the risk of early death by as much as 15%. Walking can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke and some cancers. It can lift our mood and it's one of the easiest ways to get more active and lose weight.

And you don't have to walk for hours. A brisk 10-minute daily walk can have a big impact on your overall health.

Don't worry if you're not very active, simply increase your walking distance gradually. The more times you do it, the easier it will become and the best way to walk more is to make a habit of it.

So why not pack some comfy trainers in your bag, stick on some music and hop off the Metro a stop earlier. Especially good if you're travelling to or from the city centre, as there are lots of stations that are within walking distance of one another.

And if you can, why not take the stairs instead of the escalator (look out for the footprints at some stations in the city!)

Share your favourite walking routes with us

Are there certain routes that you like to take to mix it up on your commute; di you start the day with a walk rather than a drive or train?

Share your routes and walks with us online using #NewcastleCan, #MyMetro and #Partofeverydaylife

Looking for other way to get active?

Active Newcastle are on a mission to get more people active and having fun in doing so. They offer a large amount of activities across the city for all levels and abilities to make it easier for you to give new activities a go. Why not find out what they have to offer at

From sessions in local parks and community spaces to working with partners to put on sessions, there is something for everyone. Many sessions are free or at a low cost.

Find what moves you here.

To find out more about Newcastle Can or to sign up to the city-wide initiative (for free!) visit


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