Access for all

Access for all

We are committed to making travel easier, especially for people whose mobility is impaired, including those with small children or pushchairs. All stations are accessible by level access, ramps or lifts.  The Metro Access Guide can be viewed at the base of this page (printed copies are available upon request).

Assisted travel 

If you require assistance when travelling on Metro, you can contact us by telephoning 0191 203 3666 (lines open 6.30am to midnight) or email [email protected]. Please contact us at least four hours in advance of travelling.  Help Points are located at every station if you need to speak to a member of the Customer Service team at the station.

See the video below, which is an accessibility tour carried out by Newcastle Gateshead Initiative, to see assisted and accessible travel in action. 

Autism Friendly 

We have received the Autism Friendly Award from the National Autistic Society for our work in supporting people with autism when they travel with us. Download our autism friendly guide to travelling on Metro here. 

Autism Friendly logo

Mobility scooters

Powered mobility scooters may NOT be used anywhere on Metro stations or platforms. This is because of their design, difficulty in manoeuvring and unsuitability for use within Metro trains. This has been introduced for the safety of all Metro customers, following incidents at stations where scooter users have been injured and other customers placed at risk. Lighter scooters may be folded and carried on board trains.  E-scooters are not allowed on Metro stations or trains at any time.

Bridge Card 

We run a Bridge Card scheme, which is is a way of indicating to transport staff that the you may need additional support when you use public transport. 

If you have difficulty using public transport because of age, disability, illness, or you simply lack confidence, you can carry a Bridge Card. When you show the card to transport staff they will recognise that you may need extra help during your journey. You don’t have to register for the scheme. You just have to carry a card and show it to transport staff if you need help. Find out more here: Bridge Card |


For more information or to request a printed or electronic copy of one of the documents listed at the base of this page contact Customer Relations by telephoning 0191 20 20 747 or emailing [email protected] 


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