Adventurer and professional sandwich-maker Pawdington emigrated to South Shields from deepest, darkest Peru earlier this year with only his friend Froger, the Peruvian tree frog, for company. He has already settled in nicely to life in the North East and is currently preparing to move to his new home at The Customs House.

He said: “I was so excited to hear that I’d be moving to South Shields. I’m a sociable pup and I’ve been on many adventures in my lifetime and met many different faces, but the people of the North East have a reputation for being so friendly. I can’t wait to get to know the local families and find out more about life in the North with my other Snowdogs, even if it means switching from marmalade sandwiches to stotties.

“I’ve heard that South Shields is a real maritime town, that the first life boat came from here, and that sailors travelled all over the world from here – maybe even to my home in Peru. From my new home at The Customs House I’ll be able to watch the big ships and smaller boats going in and out of the Tyne all day long and wish them Bon Voyage – though I, myself, prefer to travel by train.

“I first met Froger after finding out he was stowaway under my hat, but I didn’t mind. We’re now the best of friends. He’s multi-lingual so I’m hoping he will help me to understand the Geordie accent! He’s told me that people from South Shields are known as Sandancers. I like that. I hope that they will look after us and that they might even let me and Froger become honorary Sandancers too.”

Pawdington is one of the Great North Snowdogs, sponsored by Tyne and Wear Metro. Say hello and follow his adventures on twitter: @pawdington or see him in person at The Customs House, South Shields from 19 September to 29 November 2016.

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