Guide to using gates and validators

Nexus has been renewing and modernising your Metro and we’re investing £15m in smart ticketing technology.
Now every Metro station has gates or validators. If you have a smartcard you will need to touch in and out using the gates or validators to ensure your ticket is valid for travel.

Travelling with a smartcard

How do I use the gates?

It’s easy, just touch your Pop card, Metro Gold Card on your Concessionary Travel Pass or Newcastle University Student ID card on the orange card reader and if your card is valid, the gate will open for you. Don’t forget, when you reach your destination, you’ll need to touch out too, even if the gates are open.

How do I use the validators?

As with the gates, you must touch in at the start of your journey and touch out at the end. Just touch your card on a validator as you enter or leave the station. If your card is valid, you’ll hear a beep and see a welcome message on the screen. 

Travelling with a paper ticket?

If you have a paper ticket with a magnetic strip on the back, including a concessionary child ticket or a Network One paper ticket, and the gate is closed just put it through the orange ticket feeder, magnetic strip down. If your ticket is valid, the gate will open for you. Don’t forget to pick up your ticket and take it with you. If your ticket doesn’t have a magnetic strip on the back, just show it to a member of staff and they’ll open the gate for you. 
You won’t need to use the validators with an Under 16 Pop card or a paper ticket.
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