Bikes & Scooters on Metro

Bikes and Scooters on Metro
Nexus has invested to improve the integration between cycling and Metro, by providing new high quality bike storage at Metro stations and interchanges. 

All Metro stations have cycle storage at them or (in city centres and at Airport) somewhere close by.  Simply leave your bike securely locked to one of our cycle racks, Streetpods or in a smart cycle locker and continue with your journey by Metro. At some stations like Monument or Haymarket, Sheffield stands are provided by the local Council on the street outside the station.

Check the cycle page to find out more information on cycle storage.

For safety reasons, dismount your bike on approaching the Metro station.  Never ride your bike in stations or on platforms.

Folding cycles
Are allowed on Metro at any time if fully folded (including  e-bikes).  Folding cycles that have handlebars and pedals which stick out MUST be placed in a bag while on Metro.  We do not specify the type of bag however it should be robust enough to prevent handlebars and pedals causing injury to other passengers.

Non folding cycles
Non folding cycles (including folding e-bikes) can be taken onto stations and trains between Callerton Parkway-Jesmond, Manors-Jesmond (via Whitley Bay), Gateshead Stadium-South Shields/South Hylton during the following times:

  • Monday to Friday 10.00am-3.00pm 
  • Monday to Friday 7.00pm until end of service
  • All day at weekends

Each Metrocar has one designated storage area for bikes located near the perch seat. One non folding bike is allowed on each Metrocar (trains are made up of two Metrocars). The space will also be used by wheelchair users and customers with pushchairs. Priority must always be given to wheelchair users and customers with pushchairs.

Bikes are not permitted at Airport, St James or between Haymarket and Gateshead.

Folding scooters
Are allowed on Metro at any time if fully folded. 

Electric scooters and electric unicycles
These are not permitted on Metro stations or trains or on the Shields Ferry at any time.


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