Network One Travel Ticket

    Valid on:

These allow you unlimited journeys within Tyne and Wear and are available for weekly, four weekly and annual travel.

Buy them online, from any TravelShop* or wherever you see the Network Travelticket sign. You'll need a passport-sized photograph for your first photocard.

For more information, go to

One WeekPrices
One Zone£20.10
Two Zones£24.70
All Zones£29.90
Four WeeksPrices 
One Zone£70.30
Two Zones£86.50
All Zones£104.50
Annual Prices
One Zone£773.00
Two Zones£950.00
All Zones£1,150.00

Valid on Metro, Shields Ferry (note: only tickets which include Zone 3 of the Network One zone map will be accepted on the ferry), most bus services and trains between Sunderland-MetroCentre/Blaydon.

*All Nexus TravelShops sell 1 week and 4 week Traveltickets, but the only Nexus TravelShops selling annual traveltickets are Gateshead, North Shields, Sunderland and Haymarket.


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