Network One Travel Ticket

    Valid on:

These allow you unlimited journeys within Tyne and Wear on most buses, the Metro, Sunderland to Blaydon rail line and the Shields Ferry.

Network One All Zone Tickets are now available on Pop cards, so you can touch in and out when you travel on Metro. Get yours here.

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One WeekPrice from 1 April 2023
One Zone£23.50
Two Zones£28.80
All Zones£34.90
Four WeeksPrice from 1 April 2023
One Zone£82.20
Two Zones£101.10
All Zones£122.20
Annual Price from 1 April 2023
One Zone£904.00
Two Zones£1111.00
All Zones£1345.00

Valid on Metro, Shields Ferry (note: only tickets which include Zone 3 of the Network One zone map will be accepted on the ferry), most bus services and trains between Sunderland-Metrocentre/Blaydon.



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