Metro's new train fleet

New trains

More efficient, more reliable, more environmentally friendly- we're replacing our whole Metro fleet with 46 new trains.

What's new with the new trains? 

  • Single train - walk right through
  • Air-conditioning and heated floors
  • Charging points throughout the train
  • External and internal destination screens
  • Four wheelchair spaces per train plus multi-use spaces for bikes, pushchairs and luggage 
  • Sliding step at every door 
  • Information screens throughout the train
  • 42 high-definition digital CCTV cameras on each train

Wider benefits

  • More energy efficient
  • £70m new train depot featuring sedum roofing, rainwater recycling, daylight capture and other environmental features


August 2021 - Production started on the new trains 

February 2023 - The first train arrived in the North East for testing 

2024 - The first train is scheduled to enter service for customers. The new Metro trains will arrive in stages. As each new train arrives an old one will be removed from service.

2025 - Full new fleet in service 

Watch the development of our new fleet via our You Tube videos: New Metro fleet - YouTube 

Your involvement in our new trains

In 2016 we asked you what you wanted from your new Metro. We listened and used the feedback from 3000 customers to design some of the main elements of our new trains. Passengers strongly supported the linear style seating layout in this consultation – with three-quarters saying it would help create more space at busy times and for luggage and other items.

In September and October 2020 we launched another major public consultation to gather opinions on some of the interior details of the new fleet. 

The four weeks of consultation resulted in over 23,000 responses from the public.

- A bespoke website was created to allow viewers to take a virtual trip through the new trains and give their views on key features 

- Three live webinars talked viewers through the details of the train and viewers took part in live question and answer sessions. The questions and answers from the webinars are detailed here.

- 11 workshops took place to allow people to have detailed discussions, including dedicated workshops for wheelchair users, deaf users and youth groups. 

Our train builder

Stadler, based in Switzerland, was chosen by Nexus after a year-long global search for the best manufacturing partner for 46 new trains to be delivered up to 2025. They were awarded a £362m contract to build new trains for Metro which will transform the passenger experience and deliver huge energy savings. Read more here.

The new trains, based on the ideas and suggestions of more than 3,000 passengers, will cut Metro’s high voltage power consumption while providing Metro’s 36 million passengers with modern features including charging points, air conditioning and a step-change in accessibility.

Take a tour inside our new Metro train

Take a tour around the interior of our new Metro trains – a design that has been shaped by the ideas and suggestions of our passengers.

Newcastle firm Octo Design worked with Zurich’s Nose Design Experience to create the stylish interior based on feedback from more than 3,000 Metro passengers who took part in our consultation.

The new layout features linear seating, offering an open plan space designed to cope with busiest of days, while providing four dedicated areas for wheelchairs, plus bike, buggy and luggage storage.

See the final interiors here

The new train fleet design book is in the downloads section below. This document is a copy of the detailed Design Book submitted by Stadler as part of its bid.   Posters and some other features were included for illustration only and are not exact representations of what will appear in the final train.

The results of the consultation with passengers that led to the design specification is also available below.

We'll be adding more materials about the new fleet in the coming days and weeks, so come back to see what's new.

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More information about our new Metro trains

Precision Swiss engineering linked to a dedication to meeting the needs of train companies and their passengers have given Stadler a reputation among the world’s best bespoke train builders.

From rack railways in the Pyrenees and Alps to narrow-gauge lines in Eastern Europe and busy commuter lines through global cities, Stadler has delivered excellence in technology, reliability and comfort.

Stadler is delivering new trains for the Glasgow Subway;  the Greater Anglia franchise into London from Cambridge, Norwich and Essex; Transport for Wales;  plus Liverpool, where the company has its UK base in a state-of-the-art maintenance hub. Their trams are already running on the Croydon Tram network and tram-trains in Sheffield. Locomotives built by Stadler are in service on networks operated by Chiltern, Scotrail and TransPennine Express across Northern England.

The company has also built trains, locomotives and carriages to serve passengers across the world, with recent orders including trains for Berlin, Atlanta, California and as far afield as Brazil.

It would take one person almost eight years to carry out the work which has led Nexus to choose Stadler to build new trains for the Tyne and Wear Metro – more than 13,500 hours of painstaking evaluation.

A team of more than 30 Metro managers, external industry experts plus financial and legal advisers, worked through thousands of pages of technical data and detailed design visualisations from rival bidders.

Companies wanting to build Metro’s £362m new train fleet and depot were challenged to deliver the maximum quality, reliability and energy efficiency within a strict price ceiling.

Metro’s loading gauge – the limits of weight and height the system operates in – meant Nexus could demand a unique train built to serve the people of North East England for years to come.

More than 23,000 passengers gave their views, ideas and suggestions on how best Metro’s new fleet of trains could meet their needs.

This huge consultation led by Nexus with Transport Focus and Newcastle University’s Open Lab researchers formed the heart of the specification which bidders were challenged to meet.

Stadler chose Zurich-based Nose Design Experience teamed with North East firm Octo Design, working in the shadow of Metro’s own Byker Viaduct, to create a new train rooted in the needs of passengers from the very first sketches.

Metro passengers expressed a strong desire for linear ‘London tube’ style seating along with modern features like USB charging, bike storage and retractable door steps - all of which feature in the new train.

Stadler has forged new partnerships with more than 30 UK companies in manufacturing, technology and construction as it prepares to build new trains for Metro – around half in North East England.

Nexus invited potential train builders to attend events organised by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership, connecting them with a vibrant local supply chain.

Stadler will work with companies across the region to build North East expertise into Metro’s new trains – from specialist glass, cabling and internal finishes through to the crucial drive mechanism – as well as using local expertise to build a £70m new depot.

These new partnerships will endure for up to 35 years as Stadler maintains the new trains for Nexus, employing around 100 people directly, securing jobs through the supply chain and making its own commitments to training and research.


Testing in Progress

New Metro Train Design

New Stadler Metro train on the test track


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