Bus service improvements in South Tyneside

20 July 2011
Commuter views bus shelter timetable

Some bus services in South Tyneside are changing from 31 July in response to feedback from local residents.

The improvements are being made as part of the South Tyneside Better Bus Network partnerships, launched last year to bring together bus operators, South Tyneside Council and Nexus.

The changes include improved links from Hebburn to Jarrow, South Tyneside Hospital and South Shields, the return of a direct bus link through the Tyne Tunnel to North Shields, and new and revised routes in and around the Boldons.

Both Nexus and commercial operator Go North East are making changes. Local councillors and passengers have been consulted and the changes co-ordinated to maintain important local links.

Details include:

New and extended routes 88/88A (Go North East). These two routes together will offer a bus every 15 minutes from Luke’s Lane estate and Hebburn town centre to Jarrow, South Tyneside Hospital and South Shields.  The services will take different routes through Hebburn, every 30 minutes, to give the best possible local links.  The 88 will go via Caledonian Street, Monkton Lane Estate and Hartleyburn Estate, while the 88A will go via Argyle Street and Campbell Park Road, replacing the current 16 and 530 services.

Extended route 9 (Go North East) from Jarrow through the Tyne Tunnel to North Shields, reinstating the direct connections from South Tyneside and Sunderland to North Tyneside every 30 minutes, all day, 7 days a week.
A new fast express X3 (Go North East) to link East Boldon, West Boldon and Boldon Asda to Newcastle and Sunderland.  Go North East are making changes to routes 9 and 26 in and around Boldon as a result.

New route 559 provided by Nexus to link Heworth, Fellgate, Hedworth and Boldon Colliery (maintaining links between Fellgate and Heworth in place of the 26).

New route 516 (provided by Nexus) replacing the 16 and TB 502 between South Shields and South Tyneside District Hospital.

Changes to TB503 route (provided by Nexus) to allow for the withdrawal of the TB502.

Minor Changes to 515 route and timetable (provided by Nexus) based on customer feedback, to better reflect people’s travel patterns.