Whitley Bay bus routes improved

27 June 2012

Local minibus routes in Whitley Bay are changing from Monday, 9 July.

All local bus services paid for by Nexus are reviewed on a regular basis to make sure they meet the needs of local people and provide good value for money.

We have received a lot of feedback on changes we made to Whitley Bay local minibus services in March. As a result we are making further changes based on what local people have told us, which will come in from the 9th of July 2012.

We are improving services in order to:

• Reinstate the direct link between South Wellfield and Whitley Bay.

• Reinstate the link to/from Whitley Bay Metro on service W1.

• Reinstate the direct link to West Monkseaton Metro/Sainsbury’s from Drumoyne Gardens.

• Operate all journeys to/from Valley Gardens via Relton Terrace, instead of Back Lane.

• Provide a faster and more direct link between Monkseaton and North Tyneside General Hospital.

What’s changing from the 9th of July?

Revised W1 and new W1A: Whitley Bay – Earsdon Grange (timetable and map below)

Two new bus routes, numbered W1 and W1A, will each run hourly Monday to Saturday daytime in place of the current W1. These will combine to give people two buses an hour from Whitley Bay Metro to Monkseaton Metro, through the Hillheads estate, Bromley Avenue, West Monkseaton Metro, Sainsbury’s and on to Earsdon Grange.

Service W1 will also provide an hourly link to South Wellfield estate by operating a new one-way loop from Sainsbury’s via Earsdon Road, Redheugh Road, Hareshaw Road, Burnbank Avenue, Kielder Place, Kielder Road, Haddon Green then Wilton Drive and Thorntree Drive to Harewood Crescent in Earsdon Grange. Buses would then return back towards Whitley Bay direct towards Sainsbury’s via the current W1 route. Passengers travelling towards Whitley Bay from South Wellfield will be able to remain on the bus at the Harewood Crescent terminus with through tickets available.

In addition to the combined destinations listed above, service W1A will also serve Burnt House Road, Newlands Avenue, Drumoyne Gardens and Cauldwell Avenue thus restoring the direct link to West Monkseaton Metro and Sainsbury’s from this area.

We’ve also created a few extra minutes waiting/recovery time at each terminus, which we believe will mean buses will keep to timetable better.

No change to W2: Whitley Bay Metro – Brierdene

This bus will continue to run every half hour Monday to Saturday from 7.15am to 7pm (8am–6pm Saturday).

Improved W3: Whitley Bay – Valley Gardens – NTGH – New York – Meadow Well – Percy Main (timetable and map below)

This bus will continue to provide an hourly link Monday to Saturday daytime between Whitley Bay and Valley Gardens. The route to/from Valley Gardens has been revised and will no longer serve Back Lane. The service will then additionally continue to Percy Main serving Seatonville Road, North Tyneside General Hospital, New York and Meadow Well. This will give a new direct link to NTGH from Valley Gardens and will also allow people to make faster connections between Monkseaton and NTGH, without the need to travel through Whitley Bay town centre.

New stopping arrangements will apply within Whitley Bay town centre with stops on Park View or Park Avenue outside the main shopping centre. Journeys from Whitley Bay will then operate via Park Road and Marine Avenue to provide improved access to local health and leisure facilities.

Replaced W4: Whitley Bay – Drumoyne Gardens

We are replacing the W4 with the new W1A (see above).

Replaced W7: Percy Main – Earsdon Village

The W7 will be replaced by the improved W3 (see above).

People living in the Earsdon/South Wellfield area will still be able to use services 57/57A for journeys to/from the hospital and North Shields town centre, while new services W1/W1A will provide the desired link from within South Wellfield estate to Sainsbury’s and Whitley Bay town centre.