Advance information for Great North Runners and spectators

Great North Runners photo on Tyne Bridge
24 July 2019

Are there any changes to bus, Metro and Shields Ferry services for runners and spectators travelling home from this year’s Great North Run?

No – You will see the same public transport as last year, with the same high frequency bus services leaving from near the finish line, and Metro and the Ferry from South Shields town centre.

Where do I catch a bus if I’m travelling home from the Great North Run finish area?

Buses for runners and spectators from the finish area back towards Newcastle will operate the same as in previous years.

The R1 (Go North East) and 552 (Stagecoach) buses will run frequently from Bents Park Road towards Newcastle.  The 553 (Stagecoach) leaves from the same place for South Shields Ferry Landing and town centre.  There will the same number of buses and frequency as previous years.

Where should I go to catch a Metro?

Metro will be running a train every 7-8 minutes from South Shields Interchange – head along Ocean Road and King Street as in previous years where staff will direct you to the new interchange.

Does the new interchange make a difference?

The Metro queues will follow a slightly different route into the new interchange across a local road at Keppel Street, but we will have staff throughout the town centre and a traffic management company at the crossing to look after you.   You won’t be able to enter the Interchange from Fowler Street, to allow people arriving by Metro to exit easily, so please approach along King Street as in previous years.

Are there any changes for the Shields Ferry?

No – the service will be the same as previous years.

What about local buses to and from other parts of South Shields and Jarrow?

There are limited local services for people travelling to and from the town centre, the same as in previous years.  These will call in Coronation Street outside Asda, just round the corner from the interchange.  We will make sure these services are not delayed in the town centre by managing the Metro queue so it never blocks the road.

Where can I get more information? 

Full details of local transport is included in the runners’ packs sent out to all entrants and there will be comprehensive information on our website and on posters at relevant stations, as well as on-street signage, before and on the day itself.  There will be staff and volunteers from Metro, the Great Run Company and South Tyneside Council to help you on the day.


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