All Metro fares are frozen for 2010

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16 December 2009

All Metro fares are to be frozen in price for 2010, including singles, returns, monthly, annual, child and student fares.

Nexus, which owns, manages and is modernising Metro in a programme worth more than £300 million, had its fare proposals for the coming year approved by the Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority (ITA) at a meeting today, Thursday.

The adult Metro single ticket will stay at £1.40, off peak returns stay at £1.90 and the annual MetroSaver pass stays at £450 – offering unlimited Metro travel for less than £1.25 per day. Monthly passes are also frozen in price.

A child’s Metro single fare remains 60p and the child’s DaySaver ticket is frozen at £1.10 - but children with a Nexus Under 16 Card can buy a concessionary single for 50p and a Child All day Ticket valid on Metro and other public transport for £1.

The annual Metro Student Card for all zones is to stay at £386. Four weekly Metro Student Cards for inner Newcastle and inner Sunderland have come down from £31 to £30. All fares on the Shields Ferry service have also been frozen.

Cllr David Wood, Chairman of the ITA, said: “Metro is vital to supporting the local economy - particularly city centre shops and businesses. At a time when the economy is struggling it is very important Metro plays its part in making it as easy as possible for people to get around.

“The ITA has the power to set Metro fares, and will continue to do so going forward, and this year we are sending a clear message that all tickets will be frozen in price. Metro provides excellent value and will offer even better value in the year ahead as a result of our decision.”

Director General of Nexus, Bernard Garner, said: “Nexus proposes fare changes each year to the ITA. I am pleased to say that we are going to freeze all Metro fares for 2010. This is great news for our 40 million passengers a year.

“Singles and returns, child fares, transfares, weekly, four-weekly and annual MetroSavers and students fares will all be frozen next year. This is a very good deal at a time when family budgets are under pressure and the economy uncertain.”

Nexus plans to invest more than £300 million in the modernisation of Metro in the next nine years through the Metro: all change programme. It has made clear that funding this investment programme is not dependent on Nexus increasing fares, as it expects to receive a commitment from Government to support capital works.

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