Community leaders discuss bus plans

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5 March 2012

Business and community leaders in Tyne and Wear have been invited to a series of meetings to hear more about proposals to change the way bus services are planned and delivered.

Nexus organised the Bus Strategy engagement meetings on behalf of the Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority (ITA) and Tyne and Wear’s five local authorities.

More than 200 local businesses and service providers, plus representatives of community, charity and special interest groups have taken part in events.

The ITA has asked Nexus to look at the relative merits of a Quality Contracts Scheme, based on local franchising of bus services, or new Voluntary Partnership Agreements with operators, to see if they would bring improvements for passengers.

Tobyn Hughes, Nexus Director of Customer Services, said: “We have carried out an informal engagement programme to explain more about this important project.

“If we take these proposals further then we will carry out a full and detailed public consultation, involving the whole community, at the right time.”

There is more information about the Bus Strategy at

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