Former Nexus travel shop to become a real ale bar

Sam and Gerry Beldon at Monument TravelShop with Andrew Lynch from Nexus
9 May 2019

A former Nexus Travel Shop at Monument Metro station in Newcastle city centre is to become a mircopub.

The shop, which was closed in 2015, will become Metro’s first city centre station to host a family-run micropub - thought to be the first underground pub in the country.

The new bar will be called ‘The Waypoint’ and will hopefully be opening later this year at Monument, Metro's busiest station, which is used by ten million passengers a year.

Nexus, the public body which owns and manages Metro, has been working with the Beldon family to develop their conversion and refurbishment of the vacant unit, which has secured planning and licensing approval from Newcastle City Council and Northumbria Police respectively.

Customer Services Director at Nexus, Huw Lewis, said: “This development is something different for Metro’s busiest station, right in the heart of Newcastle city centre, and we think that our passengers will really like it.

“The former travel shop had been empty for a while so it's great that it's being put to use for an exciting new business venture.

“Micropub projects are already doing well at Monkseaton and Tynemouth Metro stations. Monument is used by ten million passengers a year and is one the busiest in the north of England. It’s a great location.”

Gerry Beldon, his son Sam and daughter Áine are hoping to convert the former travel shop into a bar selling local craft ales, soft drinks, wines and spirits.

Sam said: “We are going to open a bar serving local ales because there such a fantastic selection in and around Newcastle.

“The focus is to create a venue that has a wonderful atmosphere and a warm welcome, with high quality products and great customer service. I want it to be a destination for people on their way home or on their way into town. It’s definitely going to be the best place in Newcastle to pop in for a pint on your way home from work.

“Monument Metro station is a great backdrop. It’s an ideal location for us.”

This bid follows the success of new micropubs opened in the last few years at other Metro stations at Monkseaton and Tynemouth.

Plans for the new micropub have been drawn up by award-winning North East interiors firm Collective Design. They include a small grand piano and space for local musicians to play, tapping into Gerry’s links with the local gig scene.

The final look would retain references to the iconic architecture of Metro softened with elegant brass and leather finishes, and centred on a sweeping curved bar. 




Sam Beldon

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