Grey seal delights customers and crew on the Shields Ferry

The grey seal next to the North Shields Ferry landing April 25, 2024
25 April 2024

A cute little seal has been delighting customers on the Shields Ferry after being spotted lounging right next to the north landing. 

The small grey seal was discovered early this morning, Thursday 25 April, during the first Ferry crossing of the day. 

It was happily relaxing, out of the water, resting on a parapet by the jetty where the Ferry docks in North Shields. 

Customers and crew were amazed by the little seal, and have been eagerly snapping photos and videos on their phones. 

Joe Avary, a Second Mate on the Shields Ferry, was among the first people to spot the seal. 

He said: “We were on our first crossing of the day when we saw him. He’s really cute and he looks super chilled. 

“He’s just been lying there on the sea wall relaxing all morning, and we think he will be heading off once the tide comes back in. If not, then we will call some animal welfare experts to make sure he’s okay. 

“The customers have been delighted to see him, as have all of the ferry crew. We often spot seals in the river, down near the North Shields landing, when their heads pop up for a few seconds, but we’ve never seen one right out of the water before. 

“You can tell he’s a juvenile seal. He’s still got some fur and he’s got a lot of personality. It’s a wonderful sight and we are keeping a close eye on him to ensure that he’s not in any distress.” 


Ferry crew observe grey seal at North Shields landing

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