Heworth transport interchange is fitted with a defibrillator

The Heworth defibrillator
21 December 2020

A busy public transport hub in Gateshead has been fitted with a life-saving defibrillator.

Heworth interchange has had the defibrillator installed thanks to a donation by Northumbrian Water.

The device, known as a defib, is there for people to use if someone suffers a cardiac arrest. Defibrillators deliver an electric shock to the chest to restore a person’s heart to a normal rhythm.

Northumbrian Water funded the defib after carrying out extensive works in the area around Heworth Interchange, which saw part of the long-stay car park taken out of use. The work represented a £4m investment in protecting the local environment by upgrading sewers and highway drainage in partnership with Gateshead Council.

Metro Operations Director, Chris Carson, said: “We’re grateful for the support Northumbrian Water in providing us with a defibrillator for Heworth interchange. 

“These devices can deliver life-saving treatment in an emergency so it’s great that we are able to add another defib to another busy stop on our network, following on from the ones we installed at Monument and Haymarket in 2017.

“Our frontline teams have been briefed on what they need to do, but the defib is also there for a member of the public to use in the event someone has suffered a cardiac arrest. When you dial 999 the North East Ambulance Service will always know where the nearest defib is located.”

Paul Davison, Northumbrian Water’s Project Manager, said: “The completed scheme has removed a large proportion of the Heworth Burn from our sewerage system, freeing up vital capacity in our network and protecting the River Tyne while also reducing  potential for flooding from sewers and highways drainage. 

“We worked very closely with Nexus and were able to utilise part of the long-stay car park to construct a new surface water pumping station. As way of a big thank you, we are delighted todonate the defibrillator to leave a positive legacy that, while we hope it is never needed, is there to help keep users of the Heworth Interchange safe.”

Nexus, the public body which owns and manages Metro, has already installed defibrillators at Haymarket and Monument Metro stations in the centre of Newcastle in August 2017.

Defibrillators are intended for use by anyone in public places.  They are found in schools, airports, leisure centres, hospitals, clinics and ambulances.


Northumbrian Water donate a defibrillator to Heworth Interchange

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