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13 February 2020

Nexus is encouraging more people to give them their views on local transport services.

The Nexus Insight Panel is a way for residents of Tyne and Wear to have their say on bus and Metro services - and a range of other connected topics.

Nexus is aiming to increase the numbers of people who can give them feedback through the panel.

Members are invited to complete short online surveys about once a month.

Business Intelligence Manager at Nexus, Alex Finkel, said: “We’re really keen to get more people involved and giving us their views.

“Our Insight Panel gives North East residents the chance to give their views on a range of topics.

“In the two years that the panel has been running we have covered topics including public transport, active travel, attitudes towards emerging technology, retail habits and much more.

“The panel is for everyone even if a particular survey may not seem relevant. Don’t use Metro? No problem, questions in that survey will ask what you use instead and why you don’t use Metro. Cycling not for you? That’s fine, there’ll be questions about how cyclists and cycling infrastructure affect you as a pedestrian or road user. 

“Being a member of the Insight Panel is easy. There are no commitments and you can respond to as many or as few surveys as you feel comfortable with.

“We currently run one survey every month and include an optional monthly prize draw. We publish the key results from each survey at”

“By growing the number of people in the Insight Panel we can truly make it a voice for the North East.

For more information, the results from previous surveys and to join the Nexus Insight Panel click here.

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