Metro Gold Card price frozen for 2012

grandparents and grandchildren on metro
26 January 2012

The Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority has frozen the cost of Metro Gold Cards at £25 in 2012 along with the cost of child concessionary tickets.

The revised prices for concessionary Metro travel in 2012 were agreed by the Integrated Transport Authority (ITA) at a meeting today.

Gold Cards were introduced in 2006 by the ITA, the body which sets all Metro fares, to offer concessionary travel pass holders discounted off-peak travel on Metro for a one off yearly payment.

The cost of Metro Gold Cards was frozen at £12 for four years, but budgetary pressures meant that a price increase from £12 to £25 was unavoidable in 2011.

However, the cost of the Gold Card will not be going up this year.

The cost of Metro Gold Cards for people not residents in Tyne and Wear has been frozen at £35.

The Gold Card offers holders unlimited travel on Metro for just over £2 a month – and Nexus has extending it so it can also be used on the Shields Ferry.

The ITA is withdrawing seasonal Metro Gold Cards which are valid for parts of the year.

Child concessionary single tickets for bus and Metro stay at 50p and the Child All Day Ticket (CAT), which offers unlimited travel on all local public transport, remains just £1.

Chairman of the Tyne and Wear ITA, Cllr David Wood, said: “The cost of a Metro Gold Card remains at £25 this year. We have worked closely with local councils to deliver a price freeze that will be of benefit to older passengers and hard-press families.

“The Metro Gold Card still offers excellent value for money. Holders get unlimited off peak Metro travel for around £2 pounds a week.

“We have also been able to freeze the cost of child concessionary travel for the foreseeable future, which is good news at a time when household budgets are tight.”

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