Metro key workers put overhead line works in the frame

Generic photo of overhead line works
4 June 2020

Key workers on the Tyne and Wear Metro have made their own video to show people how they replace overhead power lines during a busy nightshift.

The power supply maintenance team filmed works on the Metro line at Jesmond, where they successfully replaced 30 metres of wire ahead of Metro restoring its full weekday timetable on May 18.

Overhead lines are vital for the operation of the Metro system as they are needed for trains to draw high voltage power so that they can run.

Metro’s ‘orange army’ of maintenance staffers have continued to work on the network throughout the coronavirus pandemic, carrying out scores of daily repair tasks.  Essential maintenance works are continuing during lockdown to ensure that the Tyne and Wear Metro is there for customers.

They replaced 30 metres of thin contact wire on the Metro line between Jesmond and West Jesmond.
The work took place in the early hours of Sunday May 17. It was vital to get the infrastructure ready for the re-start of a full timetable, which is in place Monday to Friday until 8pm to maximise room for social distancing on the Metro network

During an inspection the overhead wire was found to have experienced some significant wear and tear.

Due to its location in central corridor it needed to be replaced as a matter of urgency.

Chief Operating Officer at Nexus, Martin Kearney, said: “Our maintenance teams are working through the lockdown performing a vital role in keeping the Metro system in tip top condition.

“The replacement of this section of overhead wire in the busiest part of the Metro system was essential ahead of the timetable returning to normal to allow for social distancing on our network. 

“Staff have worked through the night to make sure we didn’t suffer an overhead line failure in this critical area. It was a job well done by everyone involved.”

Metro Infrastructure Director, Stuart Clarke, said: “The inspections and maintenance activities that are ongoing are critical in ensuring that our infrastructure remains as reliable as possible while we continue our return to normal Metro service provision. 

“This hasn’t been easy and a substantial amount of thought has gone into how we continue with this as safely as possible and in accordance with latest government guidance.”


Replacing overhead lines on the Tyne and Wear Metro system

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