Metro lost property to go on sale

Lost property
25 June 2024

Nexus is selling all the lost property found on Tyne and Wear Metro, buses and the Shields Ferry over the last two years, to raise money for a local charity. 

The sale will take place at Tynemouth Station Market on Sunday 30 June, from 9am-3pm

Hundreds of items are up for sale, including:

  • New clothing, with tags on 
  • Footwear, from slippers to football boots. 
  • Umbrellas and walking sticks 
  • Headphones, sunglasses and cycling helmets 
  • Jewellery – rings, watches, bracelets and costume jewellery 
  • A giant Santa decoration and much more! 

All proceeds from the sale will be donated to Nexus’ chosen charity of the year, Bryson’s Animal Shelter, in Gateshead. The money will be used by the charity to buy essential items such as dog and cat food and cleaning supplies and to pay their vet bills. 

Public Affairs Manager at Nexus, Lynne Robinson, said: “We’ve had a lot of success in previous years with our lost property auctions and sales. We have a weird and wonderful mix of items to sell, and we usually get lots of interest.

“It’s great to think that the unclaimed lost property can be put to such good use, and the funds raised will be welcomed by Bryson’s, who have been doing great work in the North East for years.” 

Lost property is held by Nexus for six months before being sold and previous sales and auctions have raised thousands of pounds for local charities. 

Sales are Tynemouth Market are cash only and any unsold items will be recycled or donated to charity. 

Every year Nexus employees nominate and vote on a charity to support and fundraise throughout the year. Activities include charity walks, raffles, cake sales, coffee mornings and even a sky dive!

Last year almost £10,000 was raised for Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care and previous charities to benefit include Feeding Families, The Alzheimer’s Society and Great North Air Ambulance. 

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