Metro showcases students' Pop Blue videos

Newcastle College students
3 July 2018

Tyne and Wear Metro is showcasing the work of creative Newcastle College students who they challenged to help promote Pop blue – which gives young people aged 18 and under £1 single trips on Metro.

The Pop blue card was introduced earlier this year to make Metro travel more affordable for young people across the network.

Anyone aged 18 and under will only pay £1 for a single ticket and £2 if they’re travelling all day when they have a Pop blue card, which can be easily topped up online or at a Metro station ticket machine.

Metro asked second year Newcastle College students studying UAL (University of Arts London) Creative Media Diploma to use their artistic and media skills to produce a short piece of film to make young people aware of the significant benefits of Pop blue. 

This exciting project involved 26 students who were split into groups before creating original and imaginative video content to capture the attention of young people across the North East in order to encourage them to start saving on their Metro travel with Pop blue.

The students presented their work to Metro who then reviewed their creative ideas and chose four groups to host their short film clips on Metro’s social media channels.

Customer Services Director at Nexus, Huw Lewis, said: “We were blown away by all of the students’ creative ideas and professionally put together short film clips. It was intriguing to see the students’ different interpretations of our brief to produce visual digital content to promote our new Pay As You Go Pop blue product to young people across the region.

“With so many different imaginative ideas it was hard to choose which videos to showcase on our social media channels. However, the four videos we’ve picked all capture the benefits of Pop blue, reinforce that Metro allows spontaneous journeys, is fast, frequent and accessible and will help create excitement around Pop blue.

“This has been a wonderful opportunity to support local creative talent by engaging with them through our new Pay As You Go Pop blue product for young people. We are thrilled to be showcasing their work on our social media channels to let young people know that Pop blue is the new cheaper and smarter way for young people aged 18 and under to travel on the Metro.”

The four winning videos stood out to Metro due to their professionalism, intriguing concepts, and high quality editing. They also created excitement around Pop blue to help promote the product.

Christopher Jefferson, Programme Leader Media, Performance Academy 128, Newcastle College, said: “We are delighted to be working with Metro to help them promote their new Pop blue card for young people. Our students were really excited about this opportunity and came up with some excellent ideas.

“Collaborating with local businesses and organisations on live projects is a fantastic opportunity for the students, enriching their experience and complementing our curriculum. The students get a lot out of it and knowing that their work is going to be shown in a public domain is a real incentive for them.”

The aim of the project with Newcastle College was not only to promote Pop blue but also to give students the opportunity to work with a real client and in a competitive environment to help them develop the skills and experience they will need when entering the creative industry.

Tom Garner, aged 17, from Northumberland, said: “It was great experience to work to a professional brief for such a well-known client within the region. With a two week turn around the project got us to focus our creative ideas to ensure they fit the brief and taught us a great deal about time management.

“This project has helped to prepare us for what it will be like working with clients when we enter the industry. We are delighted to have been able to work with Metro to help promote Pop blue which is a great product for students across the North East as it offers them great savings on their travel.

Chloe Green, aged 19, from Fellgate, said: “We really enjoyed coming up creative ideas for the promoting Pop blue for Metro. Their brief allowed us the scope to be as imaginative as we could be and challenged us to produce something original to capture the attention of under 18s on social media and online.

“As film students we took inspiration from iconic blockbusters and paid homage to their most memorable scenes but turning them on their heads to promote Metro’s Pop blue card. The creative freedom Metro gave us has led to our whole class coming up with a variety of different short films, it’s been a really exciting and fun to work on their brief.”

As the summer holidays approach for college and school students they can take advantage of Pop blue and enjoy their summer break with Metro and travel for just £2 a day.

With thousands of Under 16 Pop cards due to expire at the end of July, Pop blue is the perfect card for young people aged 16 – 18 to move on to. A single trip on Metro is £1 and a £2 daily price cap applies.

The Pop blue smartcard can also be used to pay for local bus travel, buying the applicable young person’s fare set by the bus company. The daily price cap does not apply to bus travel.

It’s easy for young people to apply for a Pop blue card online or while visiting a Nexus Travel Shop. The card itself is free but must be purchased with a £10 balance.

Purchase a Pop blue card.


Newcastle College - Pop blue video #1

Newcastle College - Pop blue video #2

Newcastle College - Pop blue video #3

Newcastle College - Pop blue video #4

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