Monkseaton bridge works are completed

metro station
19 March 2013

Nexus, which owns, manages and is modernising Metro, has completed a complex programme of bridge renewal at Monkseaton Metro station in North Tyneside.

Major works to replace the bridge and to modernise gas, electricity, phone and water supplies that run through it have now been finished.

The set of temporary traffic lights, which was required while the modernisation work was carried out, has now been removed the bridge is fully open to traffic and pedestrians.

The project, led by Nexus, is vital to ensure that Monkseaton Metro bridge remains open to road users long into the future.

The renewal of the bridge is part of the £385m Metro all change modernisation programme, which will see the system transformed over 11 years with new look stations, refurbished trains and renewed Metro tracks and bridges.

It has been a major project because Monkseaton bridge includes within its structure mains gas, electricity, water and telephone supplies for local homes, all of which have needed to be relocated.

Director of Rail and Infrastructure for Nexus, Ken Mackay, said: “I thank the public for their patience during the modernisation works at Monkseaton.

“It has been a hugely complex project which has involved a partial road closure. This has caused traffic disruption in the immediate area and I’m pleased to say that the temporary traffic lights have now been removed.

“The replacement of the bridge has also required a series of utility works and we worked closely with the gas, water, electricity and telephone suppliers to get it done as quickly as possible.”

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