New escalators for Gateshead Metro station

escalator at monument station
19 April 2013

Nexus, which owns, manages and is modernising Metro, is investing in six new escalators at its busiest station in Gateshead as part of the £385m Metro: all change modernisation programme.

The work is taking place at Gateshead Metro station, which is used by 3.6 million passengers a year and is the fourth busiest station on the Tyne and Wear Metro system.

The project will involve a rolling programme running up until September, when four new escalators are expected to be up and running. The remaining two escalators will be replaced next year.

Nexus will ensure that an up escalator is always in operation for passengers alighting at Gateshead when the work is taking place.

The escalators on Metro are more than 30 years-old and need to be replaced with smoother and more efficient technology.

This forms part of the £385m Metro all change modernisation programme, which is seeing the Metro system transformed over 11 years, with new-look stations, refurbished trains and new tracks.

Nexus Rail Director, Raymond Johnstone, said: “We are investing millions of pounds in new infrastructure and the focus now turns to Gateshead Metro station, where we are going to replace six escalators.

“The escalators on Metro are over 30 years-old and it makes better sense to replace them now as part of our £385m modernisation programme. This will benefit passengers in the long term.

“There may be some disruption during the works at Gateshead but we will ensure there is always an up escalator in operation for people who can’t use the stairs.”

Monument and Central Station in Newcastle, which between them handle more than 15 million passengers every year, have already had new escalators installed.

A total of seven escalators were replaced – five at Monument and two at Central Station.

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