Nexus appoints a new senior director

Philip Meikle
8 August 2017

Nexus, the public transport body for Tyne and Wear, has appointed a Transport Strategy Director.

Philip Meikle, 39, has joined Nexus from Cross Country Trains and brings more than 20 years’ experience in the rail industry and with the Department for Transport (DfT).

Philip, of Whitley Bay, will lead a team shaping the future of transport in North East England, including making the case to fund extensions and improvements to Metro and local rail services.

He will help Nexus to forge new and stronger partnerships with business and strategic bodies in the region and nationally.

He said: “I wanted to join Nexus because I’m passionate about the north east. I live in the community that Nexus serves and I really want to see those communities succeed.

“This job gives me a chance to play my part in keeping this region moving forward and I am very much looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead.”

Philip previously worked at Cross Country Trains as its head of franchise growth and development, and also head of operational performance.

He has also worked at the DfT, a role that saw him advising Government ministers on rail franchising exercises.

Philip spent two years of his career in 13 different European countries working on rationalising bus networks.

Nexus Managing Director, Tobyn Hughes, said: “I'm delighted to welcome Philip to the Nexus team. His experience and enthusiasm for public transport and the North East will be of great value as we plan for the future.”

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